Introduce yourselves here!

You know much!


Welcome to the best place on the interwebs! We can never have enough Toms around here.


THanK yOu!



Don’t forget to grab your welcome packet and a raisin snail before you begin exploring the depths of the cult, er, community forum! :+1:


The welcome packet is a great improvement over the old pamphlet which just said “RUN!”


We worked really hard on those packets. :slight_smile:

The original one just said Mostly Harmless. Now you know there could be a Cave Dweller, or worse, a Munchie, hiding behind any door.


Yep I stuffed my shell with raisins already :blush:
It’s ok I’ve got some old Satellite News to read.


Hello, world! I don’t use my real name on the internet so I go by Butterfly (she/her). My father discovered the MST3K reboot on Netflix 5 years ago and introduced it to me, thinking I’d roll my eyes and walk away when I was really hooked. Been a MSTie ever since.

A year after that, I (kind of accidentally) told my 6th grade teacher I was a fan and he was rather exited, literally telling me he could go on all day about the show and even showed the Pumaman flight scene… in front of the whole class. I also have a few relatives that are MSTies, but other than that, I don’t know very MSTies in person. None my age. Very grateful to be here!

My first episode was Time Travelers and my absolute favorite episode is City Limits (honorable mentions being Zombie Nightmare, Munchie, Mac and Me, and Hobgoblins)

I’m a very odd breed of MSTie, being a ballet dancer since I was 4 and an artist since I could talk. I have a very bubblegum-y music taste (half my parents’ taste and half Spotify finds based on music I grew up with)

Anyways, I know I’m a little late to the party and this is a little lengthy, so I’m gonna wrap it up. I’m glad I have other MSTies to talk to on a daily basis.


Welcome, Butterfly!


Hi there…welcome to our little corner of the Internet! My dad got me hooked on MST3K too…guess we share an origin story. :grin:

MSTies are everywhere and you’ve found the best bunch here!


Hello, Butterfly! It’s wonderful having second generation fans join us! My tweenagers won’t fully commit to the fandom yet, so I’ve still got some work to do…

Feel free to poke around the threads! While MST3K is our primary focus, there are a lot of other interesting discussions going on. Make yourself at home!


Thanks so much! I’ve actually been here since September, but didn’t really post anything until recently. I had never actually introduced myself and thought it was time I did.

Very good to be here!:grin:


Welcome to the forums Nice to be introduced to ya! With all the introverts (it me) and oldies (also me) here it’s good to have a new generation SocialButterFly to balance us out :smiley:


Welcome @SocialButterFly! We’re happy to have you; the more people we can convert to the MSTie side the better!


Welcome to the forums, @SocialButterfly!

I have to say, it’s neat that your favorite episode is City Limits. It’s always fun to see that one on the MST3K 24/7 Channel (I especially love Crow’s “Robin Hood: Prince of Feebs!” when that one character tries to swing across the room on a rope and fails to do so).

Take care and enjoy!

Hello there, and glad to have you aboard, @TomServo78!

And down since the first season by way of Robot Monster, no less! Very cool stuff… cheers and take care!


My favorite is Tom’s “It’s AFTER the apocalypse, NOBODY’S hiring”.


Hi, my name iz Senpai. I’m an aquarium with library rising. I like long walk. Holding hand. My favorite dog. I found change under cushions. Pizza.

-Mother Crabber


Welcome to the forums, @shawnshine, and glad to have you aboard here!

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Suspicious Season 1 GIF by BBC



Hi everyone! I’m so happy to have discovered this forum.

I’m not sure why, but I never manage to meet people who have even heard of Mystery Science Theater 3000, let alone who love it, and watch a couple of episodes (or more) every day for the sheer joy of it. And now- here’s a whole group of wonderful people who love “my” show- just as much as I do!

One of the greatest gifts we can give one another is the gift of laughter. Laughter unites- it heals- it allows us to momentarily forget our troubles. It takes us out of ourselves, and encourages the spirit to soar.

So, yes- while “it’s just a show, and I should really just relax” Mystery Science Theater 3000 has been such vital presence in my life. Since 1989, it’s been a comfy, colorful clubhouse where I can enter, close the door, and feel safe. For a short while at least, I can forget my troubles and just- laugh.

And the show keeps growing and changing, and moving into the future. That’s simply… fantastic.

I’m glad to be here!