Introduce yourselves here!

Howdy there, and a welcome to you as well to these here forums!

It’s great to see you making the rounds here, so you know that I would be energetic and vocal in telling you that I’m happy for your participation in this MST3K community.

That all sounds fantastic, especially getting that Thanksgiving time to enjoy the Turkey Day Marathon festivities.

It’s absolutely something else to see the MST3K community take part in that tradition. The same goes as well for the new episodes, so thank you for joining us for that!


It’s a weird thing to admit but the first episode of MST I ever saw was on MTV. It was nominated for the Cable Ace Award and lots of networks were showing episodes from other channels. My local cable system was managed by a creep who didn’t want to carry Comedy Central, but after seeing the episode on MTV, I got my sister in Iowa City to record episodes for me. Didn’t get MST on my local cable system until it started on Sci Fi.


That’s awesome, @jjland51! That’s how I found my first MST3K episode on MTV, too, they were showing Alien from L.A.! I believe a number of our fellow MSTies found MST3K that way as well.

We didn’t get Comedy Central while MST3K was running there, but like yourself, I was able to catch the run over at Sci-Fi Channel.

That’s way cool that your sister recorded those episodes for you. Do you happen to remember any favorites out of that lot?

And since you’re in this thread, here’s an official welcome to the forums!


I didn’t know MST3K was on MTV.:sweat_smile:


Me neither… that is actually news to me!


That was a one-off event, some kind of a Comedy Weekend promotional event as @jjland51 pointed out.

According to the ridiculously amazing and comprehensive MST3K resource that is the MST3K Temple, this was back on January 23, 1994.

I don’t believe MTV showed MST3K on the channel after that promotional event, but… it would have been amazing if they had!


Okay. So apparently, my name actually rhymes with “banana”: North American way.