Introduce yourselves here!

Whoa. Having a partner named Crow is hard core for this fandom.

I kid. Welcome to our happy little corner of the interwebs!


MFW I missed an introduction thread.

Hi, hi, hello.

I am Farmcat. I am slowly becoming obsessed with this show and thanks to my boyfriend, said obsession is getting worse. He was not my introduction to the show, it was actually my mother’s ex boyfriend. He had the Rhino video tapes and put one if them on for me to watch as a kid. I did not quite understand the show, or the jokes. Why was this dude watching movies like that? What’s wrong with the red robot? For some reason MST3K glued itself to my brain thanks to Eegah. I found it tragic. (I was 8 or 9,lol).

Years later I start talking with my boyfriend before he becomes my boyfriend, and we ended up talking about MST3K. He’s a hugeeeee fan. He was able to watch it in its heyday while I was a blip in the 90’s. One thing led to another…I have a mid life crisis with Eegah in the background. Oh my god did I cringe. I remember how sad I felt when Eegah dies in the end and then I end up laughing so much.

So thanks MST3K, for that, and for my relationship.

I’m also a huge fan of watching bad, bad movies and riffing on them. RLM is another fav. When I am not consuming media, I like to walk around, have a coffee, read a book.

That’s it, really.


Welcome Farmcat, glad to have you aboard!


We’ve been asking that for years. It’s truly a question for the ages. He’s the wind!

Welcome to the asylum!


There’s a thread idea: which MST3K episode is playing in your existential crisis? For me, it would probably be The Skydivers. Death and coffee.

Glad you made it through to join us here in our celebration of MST3K and everything else!


Wouldn’t the obvious answer be Hamlet?


Clearly I’ve repressed that episode. It must have led to some deep, dark thoughts. :skull:



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That might be the episode, but this is the soundtrack:


Oh my God, I don’t think I ever hit the intro thread. I just…flew into the art thread and nested there. OH NO.

Uh. Hi, I’m Jaime. Online mostly known as Smitty. Been a fan since 1989 and “Robot versus The Aztec Mummy.” This show is important to me and got me through some rough teen years, so I was so glad it came back! It’s been especially important the last few years of my trash fire life. I was a Joel girl for a looong time and then Jonah happened. :eyes:

Sometimes I draw stuff, mostly cartoons. A few folks know me just for this. O HAI.

My online personality is way bigger than I am, so don’t be afraid to talk to me. I assure you, I’m more scared of you. I cry at card tricks. I like terrible jokes and puns. Sometimes my humor goes dark places, but I’ve got a flashlight, so it’s OK.

ok love y’all byeeeeeee


And a happy welcome to the both of you, so glad to have you here in the forums!


Hello I am the great and powerful Gus from Carnival Magic! lol

But seriously, I’m Gus. Been a fan since 2008 thanks to finding the MST3k Movie randomly on tv as a ten year old! After that it was finding clips and episode thanks to YouTube and eventually getting my first ever box set of the show (Vol. 10.2), the show is important to me for being one of, if not my biggest comedic influence growing up over the years. Without the show, I honestly wouldn’t be where I am in my life personally.

I think that’s good for an introduction, got nothing else to say here so…\O/ Odoyle Rules!

Okay bye! <3


since 2008

as a ten year old!

Dear god, I’m old.


I believe in your ability to bend steel bars, because YOU ARE GUS.

Also, howdy there, and welcome to the forums!


Welcome to the forum. But stay off my lawn. And don’t be eyeing my lemon drink.

Bah, kids.


I remember hearing that during the Carnival Magic episode

“See guys, HE’S GUS! Knew it the whole time”
“The Power of Gus compels me.”
“You’re Alex, but you’re also Gus. And Gus is alive!”

And I was like…what the heck? I didn’t know I need an encouragement tape for myself! lol


It’s like you had your own empowerment highlight reel, and THAT’S fantastic!

(And such a great episode, too!)


The real question is whether you were Gus before you watched Carnival Magic, and how would you know?


Hello All,

My name is Oliver and I’ve been into MST3K since 2007. It was actually through Rifftrax that I became interested in the original show. The thing was that I didn’t have Comedy Central where I lived at the time during the original run. Also my parents didn’t get get digital cable which had the Sci-Fi Channel at the time as well. I registered on this Forum last night, and I’m honored to share my story and love of the show to fellow MSTiE’s as well!


Welcome! We’re glad you’re here.