Invention Exchange: Captions Editor

HEY! So I made a thing. Maybe people want to use it? @ivan is this something you would like to use? It seems useful to me.

The thing is here: MST3K Captions Editor

My rushed and weird walkthrough is here:


This is downright amazing. Very impressive.


I think this is absolutely awesome! Very impressive invention and I hope @ivan does indeed want to use it! I’ve had several instances where I would love to suggest edits for an episode but never knew the right place to do that. The Google form seems tedious and this, to me, makes it soooo much more approachable that almost anyone could help out. I would only suggest that submissions would require you to login so administrators could know who entered edits in case it’s abused.

Bravo sir


Wow that is awesome!

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I love the concept and execution of this captions editor.

The use of closed captioning for shows - especially MST3K - is very important to me, so to have a means to easily adjust and edit an episode’s captions all the way down is pretty damn awesome.


This is incredible! Great build!

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  1. Whether we use it or not, I’m stunned and impressed that you put in the time to make this, and would love to talk about it more with you.

  2. My current instinct is to convert all of the captions files into Google Docs, get volunteer “owners” for specific episodes or seasons, and then let them distribute a link where people can annotate and submit suggested changes to everything – the timecode, the captions, etc. Once that’s done, we’d be able to reconvert them back to SRT and replace them pretty easily.

  3. I’ll try to follow up with you about this in the next few weeks, but either way – totally in favor of people playing around with it!


Cool, cool. Just hit me up during one of your many, many expanses of copius free time, because you might not be given enough to do around the Alternaversal offices.


When tonight’s stream was sad, I fired up the screener copy instead, and for funsies I turned on the captions and saw some issues. I started writing them down and then realized oh my crap you know what a great workflow is? Load up this captions editor and just scroll along, reading the captions there while the movie plays in the background. Most edits are quick to make so you don’t even need to pause that often. And if captions are in a particularly good state, you could play the episode at an increased speed, even.

Anyway, I think I’m going to go though a couple this weekend. It’s not wasted time if I’m working, right?

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