Invention Exchange Inquiry

I’m at a bit of a loss.
I have some decent fabrication tools at my fingertips (hee) and I decided that I wanted to try and make my own version of the Re-Gifter from S11,E13. I remember seeing how the illusion was made several years back, and figured I’d have an easy time finding fellow fans online who’d made their own.
Only apparently that’s not the case, and I can’t find any reference to it that isn’t a different illusion, and if it has a different name (I’ve tried several variants of ‘nesting boxes’- I found one reference, but it was a “magic as a way to get people to convert to our kooky religion”, and eee, nah)

Anybody have a lead on this one? possibly the means to design one’s own?

UPDATE: Apparently they’re called Gozinta boxes. I’m looking into it further!


Looks like a box shape thing and Heston is turning the boxes so they fit together differently with a different rotation. Watch his hands as he puts the red one into the green one on its side. Also the tops down go down all the way, if that matters. Watch the lines on the green box. Inside the red one they go vertically, but when he takes it out he puts it down so they are horizontal.


It’s definitely a gozinta box (I looked it up at the time)

Here’s instructions on how to create a set.