Invention Exchange inventions that are now real things

So, in the Crawling Hand episode, Joel shows the Mads a powersaw that will automatically shut off if you plunge your hand or other extremity into it. I realized that it was the first time that I noted to myself that, “Hey! That’s a thing now!” (Maybe it was a thing back then and I didn’t know about it until recerntly.)

A lot of the inventions were too specific/useless to be genuinely marketable, but I know that never really stopped anyone from trying to sell a thing, so are there any other inventions from the Invention Exchange that you’ve recognized in the wild?


The collapsible garbage can from Gamera Vs. Guiron is very much a thing now.


Portable bean bag chair pants are real now too!


Seeing that, and suddenly the old SNL bit “Oops I Crapped My Pants”, popped into mind.

Five-pound potty, she had a big breakfast" - Joel


ah! I knew this one, too!


I remember noticing a few.

Johnny Longtorso is now known as “DLC.”

Re-writable tattoos are available either as custom-printed temporary tattoos or as reactive tattoos. (They’re developing one for diabetics where if it becomes visible or changes color, it means your blood sugar is low.)

Ear-shaped earmuffs exist, but with elf/vulcan ears.

Tragic Moments figurines are likely available on Etsy if you want to go looking. I don’t.

We have standing desks now. Not quite Dr. F’s “cellular desk,” but close. I’ve also seen human cocktail tables where the waitstaff are given dresses with wide circular shelves so that if they walk carefully they can carry food and drinks around. Which was weird and controversial.

They do make rain gutters for deck umbrellas, which isn’t quite Mike’s more portable gutter bumper chute, but along those lines.

Cowboy Mike’s Red Hot Ricochet BBQ Sauce probably doesn’t count, as it’s a parody of midwest hot sauces that utterly fail to live up to their promised bold flavor.


Didn’t someone find a foldable bubble fan for sale and post it in another thread? I thought I had seen that, but can’t find it now that I’m looking. May have imagined it or am thinking of the homemade one that got posted.


Joel’s airbag helmet from The Robot Vs The Aztec Mummy is now a thing - although I’ve never seen anyone with one - I think they are more like an airbag in a snood in the real world. But the concept is broadly the same.


Junk Drawer Organizers.


Even odds that there’s a late-night infomercial fleecing people for something resembling the Squaremaster™.


I know they’re not specifically for William Conrad, but fridges do have alarms now. Does that count?

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Basically I guess what I’m saying is that we should be able to avoid the next Kickstarter by just suing for what MST writers are entitled to for their intellectual property!

@GameraIsFilledWithMe (needed badge LOL) The “Bathroom Hand Dryer/Air Hockey Table” invention would be more interesting now with the high-powered hand driers.

Do these women ever ask “does this make my butt look big?”