Invention Exchange Longform

Describe an Invention Exchange in full detail. Paint the scene, your thoughts, and why you love it.

For me? Episode 424. The Chocolate Bunny Guillotine. A neat exact means of lopping the heads off of chocolate bunnies. Why maim your Easter prize unnecessarily? Possess a decapitating tool to off your candy’s heads cleanly. Dr. F fully believed in this and had that glint in his eye of delight. Frank as the Executioner bearing fake chest clipped the release then feeds a carrot to the next victim. An invention I’d actually buy and use. Not only a novelty while redesigning it to easily wield wouldn’t be bad. Technology revolving around better consuming your sweets tickled me and the Rabbit and French Revolution angle.

Joel and the Bots answered presenting The Cartuner. Two unfunny Sunday Morning cartoons placed inside are churned into one off the wall mashup. “ZIGGY HAD GARFIELD NEUTERED!!!” “NOW THAT’S FUNNY!!!” The musical mechanism is one of the finest sound effects of the series. Nice yellow finish and Tom and Crow are as sold on it as Joel. Not actually possible though a darn interesting take. Were it real? I’d grab one. Likely my #1 Invention of MST3K.

Between the two? The Cartuner wins convincingly defeating a strong contender in The Chocolate Bunny Guillotine.

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Yeah the Invention Exchange from Manos is a truly rare case where both Joel and the Mads’ Inventions were pretty equally great.

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I thought that. One didn’t obviously pale compared to the other.