Is anybody else watching the WhoRiffs?

I love the britttrax/britriff content of Matthew Elliott quite often now with Ian Potter. Matt now has a patreon and is sharing writings and some wee riffs of Dr Who. Get on it if that sounds sound to you.


Thanks for the tip! I’m now patreon-ing him. Love the Brittrax riffs.

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Following up on this… I’ve watched the WhoRiffs for “An Unearthly Child” (and the three following episodes that form the first William Hartnell story), and they are hilarious and entertaining. Going to move on to his riffs of “The Dominators” next.

C’MON, you slags! It’s the bloody WhoRiffs!

20+ episodes of Doctor Who deep already. Get on it!!!

A new notion from Matthew J.Elliott. It sort of works, but won’t be for everyone.

“Welcome to the very first riff of an audio drama, an adventure of the Man of Steel himself!”

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i was grumpy the first time i checked but am totally into it. i love mega hammy acting on many if not all of the storybook records… and matt’s riff voice/style