Is it just me, or... Perico? Maybe?

He didn’t mean to turn you on… but…


Did he?


Become an owner of your lonely heart?

Just a little bit?

Let us know :nerd_face:


:thinking: Well you DO have “Longtorso” in your name. There have been articles about the dating scene which speculate that we unconsciously search for our own features in the faces of prospective partners, so…

[ETA- I think “Mrs. Joe Don Baker” from Laserblast is adorable. So I’m not judging.]


Also, did Perico’s dollar sign amulet travel back in time as well? I don’t recall hip-hop jewelry being a thing in the 60s.

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Perico is street. Perico got bling. Perico in da house old school. Werd.

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