Is it to early to start asking for another tour soon?

I know being on tour is rough for the cast. But PLEASE do another as soon as you can. It was a GREAT show ,fantastic fun and everyone loved it. The cast is do talented. Great energy and they all can really sing and dance. Thank you all so much :slight_smile: :grinning:


I was gonna ask the same thing, but it would be too soon, and rude.
BUT. One of these days, if they do think of another live show soon, here’s my wishlist:

  • for Waverly to come back and for Growler to make his onstage debut
  • a bit more audience interactivity
  • for me to save up enough to get a VIP, and meet the cast
    … that’s it.

I’m hoping they release some live shows on DVD.


Given their professional lives and other commitments and the organizing of such, I would say 2024 is the earliest to expect one. As for format, audience interaction can be tough to integrate, as so much relies on well-rehearsed and necessary timing (love them live, but no desire for a 3hr show). The’ve proven that they can roll with a lot in the course of an evening, but I think it’s best if they lead 100% from the stage. Rights issues as well as logistics prevent the shows from being recorded and made available, but this coming season should give folks an idea of what this cast can do.

I’m disappointed that this most recent tour (Time Bubble) didn’t make it around here (NWFL)?

So, as much as I’d like to see this tour extended, realistically … probably going to be waiting for the next tour…

So… yes, I’m selfishly hoping that it’s already in the works?

They’re just going to farm out the live shows to 1000 local riffing groups so Joel can rake in the royalties like how Bozo The Clown did. You’ll only get the cannon actors on the GiPle. That’s what we’ll be calling in in 30 years: “gipple”.

Is it too late to ask for either a European tour, or the ability to live-stream one (or more) of the US dates?

I think touring is now one of the biggest parts of the brand, though, and a reason why the current live cast exists. So this is baked into their professional lives. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them doing what they did this go around in about the same time frame next year. I think there was a decision made to have Emily’s crew do their own slate of episodes as a way to underline the fact that they are on the same level as any of the other hosts/casts so that the Live product wasn’t othered and was instead presented as As Seen In The Gizmoplex.

In the end, the Live team acts as a street team for the brand, going from city to city, doing press and getting the brand out there in front of people who may not already be MSTies all the while generating revenue. It’s pretty smart honestly and I admire them investing in it for the long haul.

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This! I think it would be awesome if they released the live shows via download, physical media, or at the Gizmoplex


I’m really really hoping they do another tour. I had tickets for the Jacksonville show and then I got sick the day of the show and I wasn’t gonna be That Guy who shows up infectious. (At least it wasn’t COVID.) Super disappointed that I didn’t get to go.