Is Pearl acting… suspicious?

I think Pearl is up to something this season. In Munchie, Pearl tries to convince Kinga to spend quality time together. Kinga is dismissive and states she is not into scrapbooking. “You will be…” says Pearl, to which Kinga replies “That sounded ominous.”

In Gamera vs. Jiger, Pearl has convinced Kinga to leave the SOL in the incapable hands of Max so they can go on a trip together, and we’ve yet to see what disaster that will bring.

Someone said in an earlier forum that relegating Mary Jo Pehl to the role of dutiful grandmother is a waste of her considerable talent, and I have to say I agree. Maybe I’m reaching, but it would be fun to see her turn back into the manipulative Pearl we know and love. If she tried to take the SOL from Kinga, it would be an interesting power dynamic and storyline. What are your thoughts?

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