Is there an event this Friday Apr 29 at 8?

Help a forgetful fan out here. I recall from the live stream discussions that everything was on suspend till the official season 13 release.

But both the app episode descriptions and the still have posters/text saying the next live event is Atlantis. Is it still planned to happen, or are these just left over artifacts of a beta left advertising a now cancelled showing?


I’m pretty sure the only thing pushed back was the ‘Special Event’ originally scheduled for April 15.


Yes, the final Backer preview is on the 29th. 1303: Beyond Atlantis. What they did say was that they were holding back on the special events until after the non-backer launch at the beginning of May. This didn’t include that 1303 backer preview.


Ah, OK, thanks! So sounds like we are on then for this upcoming Friday. I’ll let the family know so we can suffer together, ahem, I mean have a good time.


Oh I’m excited for that one, I believe it’s also Emily’s first episode. I can’t wait to see that!


Based on the episode description it sounds like it might still be a Jonah episode, with Emily being featured as a b-plot.

It’s vague enough that it could go either way, but it sounds to me like she’ll be “in training” as part of this episode’s story. I kinda like that despite not being beholden to a network’s demands for a season-long story arc like certain previous seasons were, they’re still weaving their own one in to accommodate the multiple hosts so that there’s an in-universe reason for the rotating hosts. It feels much more natural than some of the previous (network-mandated) throughlines.

Looking forward to seeing how they weave Joel in when his turn approaches!


Maybe the mads will have Jonah train her, or maybe it’ll be like when Mike was on the SOL and the bots will have her go through an obstacle course of riff training.


There used to be an event every Friday at 8 for me, but I haven’t been having as much fibre lately.


Should be interesting how the Unsuspecting World will learn about the Gizmoplex next week, since it’ll have the first three “premieres” over that weekend. They should show the “uncut” versions for the interviews. That’ll pull them in.
Also, maybe a discount will attract newbies as well, while maybe Netflix jokes will get more hard-core fans


I woke up today thinking it was Friday. Oh, the disappointment :frowning:


Could be worse.

Could’ve been Wednesday.