Is there anyone here who … (show props & viewer mail)

Not to pry—OK, fine I’m curious, so I’m prying. Do we have any forum members who …

  1. … had a letter read at the end of an episode?


  1. … own anything from the Best Brains eBay auction?

not yet. i did complain to matt van damme as well if that gets me bonus points.

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I got sniped at the last minute for the Baby Forrester doll from Laserblast. I can but hope the MSTie who got it still has it and appreciates it. :slight_smile:


I knew I had seen one around here … @EAT , did you pick this up from the Best Brains auction or is it a reproduction?


Skull Crow wasn’t from the Best Brains auctions, something made by a fan. I thought his airbrushing was really good!

Nowhere as many as Tom’s Temple, but I won a few auctions from the Best Brains’ auctions:

Mikey, the Mike Sprite

Brain Guy’s Uniform (missing the hood, it was sold in an earlier auction)

Pearl’s Uniform

Bots Spy Cam (from Track of the Moon Beast) - this wasn’t a favorite skit or anything, but nobody was bidding on it, so I put a low bid and won it.

I regret not bidding enough to win Crow’s Turkey Volume Guessing Man’s uniform, missing out on Crow’s Chicken Puppet, and not bidding on Toaster Strudel Tom because of the high shipping cost (I think it was $180 just for shipping).


The airbrushing on the skull Crow is really good—and very cool on all of your other props. Thank you for sharing!

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I hope more people see this and display their props. I have a lot of the pictures used by Best Brains in the Ebay auctions and had a partial list of closed auction prices (around the last 40).


Prop on ebay (not mine) - Umbilicus Sign

The shipping price is about what Best Brains charged during the auctions, although I think they did Fed-Ex 2 day.


“Mikey” is terrifying up close and brightly lit. The, uh, detail didn’t really come through in the episode!

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There’s another prop on ebay (Pearl’s Weapon Karanku). It’s from the same seller who has recently sold the Umbilicus Sign and the Magic Sword.

In the background of one of the pictures for this auction, you can see the Castle Forrester model. Possible future auction item? Both props can be seen in the video below.