Is there going to be advertising outside of social media re: the new Gizmoplex (when it officially opens?)

The opening of the MST3K Gizmoplex will likely be a huge event in the world of MST3K fans globally. Will there be advertising outside of social media when it gets closer to the opening of the Gizmoplex?
Not everyone uses social media-perhaps other ways to “get the word out” are available.


Hi Linda! This is a good question – so far as I know those conversations are in the earliest stages now, as there is so much to do leading up to the Gizmoplex launch! But I would not be surprised if there were several approaches to getting the word out, beyond posting on social media.

Suggestions are welcome!


I don’t know if Twitch qualifies as social media or not, but a series of notices in the chat, and maybe filling some of the “commercial” time with a preview video ahead of the launch might help. You could also run contests where everyone gets an entry, and can earn additional entries via referrals?

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My suggestion would be to do a few events akin to ones from the Kickstarter campaign before it goes live, on Twitch, YouTube and so forth. Maybe a few folks sit in on a rewatch. Get a few Jackbox games going. I mean a good casserole swap wouldn’t go amiss. Do people do those? :joy:

Also just in general, can we do a ribbon cutting ceremony of sorts for the Gizmoplex? (@mattmcg22 )


Hey, what about a soft launch, say…

  • Part 1 is one day… where some of the features are up, but not all (to stress test it) and invite in the backers, then…
  • Part 2 is four hours (or so) and open to everyone on the Internet (“The first one’s free, kid.”)…
  • and THEN the formal launch with all features (and requiring memberships) goes live, including a special live “Grand Opening” event.

Media could be invited in to Part 2 (which could be several days before the official launch) with an event for them laying everything out; this would get articles everywhere leading into the main launch.

What do you think, sirs?


My thoughts on advertising:

  • It seems like a vote for financial stability
  • It’s less irritating if advertisers can buy ad space so the advertising is super targeted and relevant, though we would shrug and skip or riff ads.
  • Most irritating is if political propaganda or ads for other cults or religious tribes get in. Even riffing spreads such propaganda.
  • A good example of incorporated advertising is on Crunchy Roll’s anime service. Mostly relevant. Irrelevant ads are in Japanese, and I deciphered one or two to find them low IQ targeted but peaceful and not angry or political.
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If there’s advertising within Gizmoplex features, I’m outta here. I absolutely detest advertising and won’t subscribe to any service that employs it. The moment Netflix or Hulu puts ads into the stuff I pay to watch, I’m dropping them.

Advertising the Gizmoplex itself in other media, I’m fine with that. Folks who consume those media already know what they’re getting regarding advertising, so it’s a different matter.


@euphoriafish: I think the topic at hand is advertising for the Gizmoplex, beyond those of us already in-the-know. Not advertising inside the Gizmoplex.


What’s your thought on an advertising-included tier for people that don’t subscribe, but including in-app advertising for people that don’t pay (like Twitch)?

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Absolutely correct! :grin:

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1000 times agree. The subscription fee is how I pay for the service. If advertising in general is even a glimmer, I’d hope there’s a way to only show adverts to those who haven’t paid for a subscription. There’s a reason I refuse to entertain Hulu in my house.

Adverts or subs, you don’t get to double dip.


Ways to get the word out for the service in general

  • I assume some sort of press release will go out to the media outlets
  • Twitch (especially if you can cover both the MST3K stream and the RiffTrax stream)
  • Really social media is going to hit the most people (FB, Twitter probably will reach the most people)
  • Give backers a way to “Invite” people to the service
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I’m fine with that being an option, it’s consumer choice. There are streaming services that provide movies that are free to watch as long as you don’t mind ads. I just want the option to subscribe for an ad-free service. If there is no such option, then I won’t be availing myself of that service.

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Yes-that’s precisely what I meant in my question.
I think that getting the ads targeted to particular demographic groups would be hugely effective.

I live in Austin, and with events like SXSW & ACL there are unlimited numbers of ways to get the word out to support the Gizmoplex!
I was able to attract a number of Kickstarter backers by writing about it in blogs/local Austin ‘zines. Continuing to get the word out can only help bring more support to the Tour AND the Gizmoplex this year.

Those who go to these types of events here in Austin, as well as attending Comic Con (usually in San Diego, this year @home) )are exactly the demographic group who would likely be interested in MST3K’s new seasons!

(Clarification: I wasn’t suggesting commercials playing within the Gizmoplex and the shows. Although there will be an area within the Gizmoplex for listing both corporate and individual backers.)

I’ll note that I’d be all for ads in the Gizmoplex before/between movies – if they were all “local”/handmade ads like the ones that used to play in theaters in the sixties and seventies. (And of course an option to turn off those/any ads for people who’ve paid the subscription.)

Just found this thread, and have another possible idea?

MST3K started on a local broadcast OTA UHF station?

There are plenty of OTA local channels/sub-channels around the country that focus on airing old tv shows and movies? Perhaps an ad targeting those viewers on those channels/sub-channels would bring in some new potential MSTies?

Not sure if it would be in the marketing budget?

In the opposite direction, considering that the Gizmoplex is going to be an online/cord-cutting type experience, perhaps an ad targeting users of other niche streaming services? There are plenty of motorsports streaming services out there that could be possible sources of new MSTies for example?


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Are Reddit AMAs still a thing? If Joel (or maybe Crow and Servo - in character) did one of those it might be a pretty cool way to spread the word.


This is an excellent idea!