Is there not a reasonable way to watch VHX content on your TV?

I have several NAS drives, and either play stuff with Kodi or my tv. I never really liked Plex.


You will need a sizable hard drive (or a NAS) to store your media. Then all you need to do is go to the PLEX site and download the software.

I rip all of my DVDs to the hard drive and can stream anywhere. (You will need special software in order to do that, but I’m not sure we can discuss that here)


I run my NAS through the Roku app. Supports music, photos, and video right off the drive. Isn’t the most elegant interface, but does the job.

Got 'em redeemed. I’m just downloading them, putting them on a little thumb drive and sticking that into my 4K player and watching them that way. It’ll do for now.


I keep a hard drive plugged into my blu ray player and watch everything that way.

Even without the option to stream, there are ways.


Looks like the VHX player doesn’t have a casting option. Maybe they’ll add one if enough people complain. You’d still have to have a TV that does that, though.


I’m using Safari for playback and Airplay to send it to the TV.

“Welcome to the Satellite of Love!”



Yep that’s what I’ll end up doing! Not ideal but definitely the best short term solution.

The Android TV box I use has plex support built in so I’ll just load the episodes I want to watch on there. At the time I started this thread I didn’t know VHX let you download episodes, I thought it just allowed you streaming access.


Eventually I will download and playback with Kodi on my RaspberryPi.

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I think VHX is just the back end for now. The Gizmoplex will be the “reasonable” way to view.


Yep I alluded to that in my original post - was looking for a decent way to watch those episodes on my TV until the Gizmoplex launches later on down the road. Was just shocked that VHX doesn’t offer any kind of app for smart TV’s or streaming boxes and was curious if anyone else had a solution.

Downloading it and running the episodes from a media server at home is going to work just fine for me until the Gizmoplex gets off the ground. :+1:

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I didn’t know the VHX app is gone. I still have it on my phone. I use it to stream to my Chromecast to watch it on TV.

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Let me second @LadyShelley here – I use Plex all the time on my TV while working from home, and setting it up is a breeze. You need to install the Plex channel on your smart TV, and the Plex server on your PC, and then any media on your PC becomes available on your TV. It doesn’t even really require a dedicated hard drive, just a PC with enough space for the files you want to have access to.

Anyway, the Plex server will automagically scan your PC for media files, and you can tell it to skip files with a .plexignore file, so you can customize your smart TV experience, too.

I figure worse comes to worst, I can use my Steam Link to feed my PC to my TV, although I think I will be fine watching on my PC monitor. Although a VHX channel on Roku would be welcome.



I dare say it’s even easier than that. :smiley:


Okay, so I’ve got a Chromebook, an Android phone, and a Roku. Google Chrome on the Chromebook has a “cast tab” button that theoretically will put video from a browser tab on the TV via the Roku Android app. But it doesn’t work for every tab, and it’s greyed out for VHX. (It does work seamlessly for YouTube, of course. But it uses the YT Roku app to do it, so it’s not really any different from just using that app directly, except that my Chromebook has a keyboard and my TV doesn’t.)

VHX does have the option to download videos you’ve purchased, so if I really wanted to I could download a couple of episodes to a USB thumb drive and play that on the TV using Roku’s media player. It’s already in mp4 format, which should be one of the handful of video file types Roku TV supports without needing conversion. I have to say when I attempted the download it did go really fast. Took less than 30 seconds to download Sidehackers in the highest available quality. (540p, but remember this a copy of an episode that broadcast in the days before HD. It still comes to over 600mb.)

There are a couple of apps that purport to be able to cast to Roku from Chromebook. All Screen, TV Cast, Miracast (which does still exist in the app store), Cast Videos (by Castify), a few others. I’ll poke around and see if any of them work. Some seem to exist by adding ads to the cast, which is really annoying. Or requiring you to pay for the premium upgrade in order to cast for more than 10 minutes. It’s understandable that they need to be paid for their app development, but this really feels like something that shouldn’t require a third party app to do. Especially because there are so many reviews from people who couldn’t get those apps to work. (I’m actually having some trouble installing them to try out, too, but it’s possible the Chromebook is just having issues with the Play Store right now.)

In the end, I’ll probably mostly just use my Chromebook. If I’m watching by myself, a laptop screen a foot from my face is actually bigger than a TV across the room.

Hopefully, though, the team will figure out something a little more universal.

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I just finished downloading the new backer classic episodes from VHX. I already had 3 but 7 were nice upgrades in resolution and I was totally psyched that Quest of the Delta Knights was one of the episodes now available! I’ve had a crappy lo-rez Internet Archive Project VHS broadcast dub-of-a-dub tagged “Don’t Even Bother Looking” version of that ep for years.

DL to a thumbdrive and plug it into the USB port on your television. There’s probably a “media” button on the remote. I’ve found that’s the easiest way. And it’s not wifi dependent.


Adding to the chorus of “Seriously, VHX!?”

Thinking Vimeo and VHX were the same thing, I added the Vimeo app to my Roku, but when I tried to activate it I found out that, no, they are not the same thing, although Vimeo owns VHX. I always get the physical media options from the Kickstarters, and added the first one to VHX way back then, but I was not enamored with the platform. I could cast from my phone to my TV, but it was not reliable. When the 12th season came out, I did not even add it to VHX because I did not like the platform and I had the Blu-rays and Netflix to watch them on. I used the same email address, so I plan to email them and see if I can get season 12 added to my VHX so I can have it in the Gizmoplex, but it will not be that big of a deal as I still have 2 ways to watch it.