Is White Dot Rover from The Prisoner?

Just wondering. And terrified.


I am not a number, I am a free man!


the prisoner goodbye GIF

Be Seeing You

I would ask anyone who lost patience and logged out of the livestream… but I can’t find any of them.

Is it sad for me that, save for a special that Shatner, Nimoy, Carrie Fisher and Dean Cain hosted back in the 90s on Sci-Fi that mentioned this series, my biggest exposure to The Prisoner was the parody episode ReBoot did?

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White Dot is all things and also no thing. White Dot is the being and unbeing, the alpha and the omega.

So yes, it is Rover from The Prisoner as it is all of us.


White Dot has been doing regular character work in productions over the years, which IMDb seems to have missed…


WD also contributed to a live album from my favourite Dutch popgroup.

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WD was also the villain/Ken Russell in “Pommy”, the Rutland Weekend Television parody of Russell’s film of The Who’s “Tommy”.

(Not embedding due to slightly NSFW content but the parody is available on YouTube. There are also heavy Prisoner references in there as well, which weren’t in the original film.)

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I was able to rewatch it via Amazon Prime early in the pandemic. I don’t know if they still have it. I stopped my subscription once The Expanse ended.