it’s not at all obvious how to watch the Live Streams once they’ve finished

BUG: it’s not at all obvious how to watch the Live Streams once they’ve finished.


I’m a Kickstarter backer but haven’t been able to catch any of the new MSTies so far, mainly because I’m West Coast and at 5pm I’m not ready to settle in in front of the TV.

What I’ve noticed, however, is the live streams says, “You can watch this after the live stream ends,” but then I look in the Gizmoplex and it wants to charge me to watch the (now pre-recorded) live stream.

So I was like, uh, nah, I’ll wait for the official premiere, I guess…but finally I noticed there’s a link in the original e-mail that actually DOES work, so now I know how to watch the new content. But there doesn’t seem to be any place on the Gizmoplex that lets me click right to the live streams and watch them (without being asked to pay first) — there should definitely be a page that’s all, “Here is a giant list (in chronological order) of ALL the content you can watch, right now, for free, because you’re such an awesome awesome donor."

Relying on me to find an e-mail message with a link in it is asking wayyyyy to much of my brain.

-Wil Shipley

Mod hat - I’ve split this bug report from the feature requests category topic. And then I moved it to feature request because this isn’t broken, per see, but it is a request for an improvement.

The replays are part of your Gizmoplex Member’s Pass, and become part of your video library.

You can access them in the Virtual Theater by going to your Video Freezer and filter on “Event Replays” OR by going to > My Video > Gizmoplex Member Pass.

I agree it could be clearer, but they’re quite easy to access! Happy viewing!


Or alternatively,
go to Gizmoplex site-> click on username in upper right corner->account settings->purchases->Member Pass->scroll down till you find the stream you’re looking for.