It's Now November!

November’s here, and Turkey Day’s on the way in 3 weeks and 3 days! Meanwhile, Tutter’s identical cousin Crisp Rat witnessed something way too early.
NOTICE: The video’s from last year, but eh… this is fine.


…And now, the REAL Scary Season™ can begin!!


I know not of this ‘Turkey Day’ of which you speak, but I do know it is a mere FOUR DAYS until Guy Fawkes Night, when we all get together to burn in effigy Guy Fawkes, the treacherous papist / loyal defender of the Catholic faith / person you have never heard of, but you do sort of know what the V for Vendetta mask is so that counts, right? (answer depends on your background).

That means thumbing your nose at Health and Safety regulations by pouring petrol on one of these and conducting a…ahem, ‘controlled burn’. The car park of the local pub is the best venue, so you can look at the scorch marked tarmac the rest of the year and REMEMBER.

All the while stuffing your face with jacket potatoes and parkin


And why not throw in some fireworks as well, to celebrate…the gunpowder that didn’t explode under the House of Lords in 1605? The fireworks bit doesn’t really make sense but the rest of it 100% does I WILL TAKE NO FURTHER QUESTION.


Heck yeah!

Lets brace ourselves for the outraged “X is being burned in effigy” from the press who don’t understand what Bonfire night is for.

Also, Parkin is not my thing, so as a proud Mancunian, I shall instead go for the “Sausage cooked in the bonfire that is somehow burned AND frozen at the same time”.

November always meant Survivor Series to me… but no more!

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a.k.a the Salford Saveloy


Can we have stuffing instead of pototatoes?


No and if you keep asking you’ll have to have extra servings of that dish that Aunt Betty and Uncle Karl always bring that no one knows what it is and everyone avoids…


Potatoes are what we eat!

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, I know folks joke about having to deal with family, and uhg, what a chore… but I like my family, always liked that yearly gathering (sadly, most of us have died or moved far away).

Last year we missed it, because of the pandemic and because everyone was down sick with the flu or colds. So I’m hoping we can get back together for turkey and spuds and pumpkin pie this season.

And I’ve never heard of Parkin, I wonder if I can find it here in the States, I’d like to try it.

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What do Catholics do on Guy Fawkes night? Burn the vicar in effigy?

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They call it ‘bonfire night’, help themselves to Parkin and say five extra Hail Marys on Sunday


If they have kids under 12, they maybe do some cheap fireworks the back garden, then go to a local bonfire for the big show.

If their kids are over 12, then they stay at home and watch t’telly while someone else takes care of the kids.

To be honest, religion doesn’t come into it because it’s really just a reason to burn and explode stuff, Brits love doing that, look what we’ve done to the country itself!

Couldn’t you roast the potatoes in the bonfire yakiimo style? That’d be both economical and tasty.

What wonders await! I hope you like ginger. And eating a days worth of butter in a single sitting. Hit me up if you can’t find any - we make it all the time in the winter months. It travels well so could send a small batch in the mails.

Potato infused with the flavour of burnt pine and petrol? It’s an idea.


Way too long since I was properly able to celebrate Guy Fawkes night.
It’s just not a thing in Canada, but someone my Dad knew had parents who loved a couple hours east of Vancouver that had a big enough plot of land to hold a decent Bonfire, and would collect burnable items for months to build the stack up. Unfortunately as they got older they were unable to keep things going at that scale (plus changes in fire regulations) so it became a smaller family only event and from what I understand eventually they sold the property.

But some great memories.

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I’d be interested in finding out if you can, I’m not a fan of the stuff, but I’m always interested in seeing what does and doesn’t make it over.

It’s easy to make, an oat loaf with mollases!

Over here we call those “American fries”.


Thanksgiving has quickly become my favorite holiday. I think Covid has expanded my understanding of just how much I am thankful for. It’s overwhelming, but beautiful at the same time.


In recent years, my husband and I have gone to Turducken, which is hosted at a friend of my husband’s uncle and thrown by them and their college friends. They debone the turkey, duck, and chicken themselves and stuff 'em all together. There are three different stuffings–oyster, cornbread, and andouille sausage (they went to college at Tulane in New Orleans). There’s homemade cranberry sauce. One of the friends even does a whole spread of cheeses as appetizers beforehand. It’s glorious, and, best of all, we don’t have to travel for it (aside from the drive to the husband’s uncle’s friend’s place, which takes roughly half an hour).