It's official canon that Emily Connor has Twitter

Emily Marsh is on Twitter, but it would be fun to have a fake Emily Connor Twitter account that tweets out whatever she’s doing on the Simulator of Love, occasionally having Crow steal her phone to post selfies.

Dumb idea, but I think social media fans would have fun with it.


I’ve really wanted to write an ask blog for the Satellite/Simulator of Love with Jonah and Emily answering questions with the bots, but my artistic skills are lacking so in my head it shall stay lol


That sounds fun! I’d likely read it.

What’s the wifi like on the moon?

I doubt Kingachrome has good upload speed. And would it be Twitter then? Would it be more like Flusher?

I instantly regretted typing that.




Twitter gives me hives. :nauseated_face:


This isn’t a dumb idea at all. When The New Girl was a New Show, there was an in-character Twitter feed for Jess that lasted like three months.


Probably not good for playing Fortnite; you’ve got a minimum 1250 ping due to the light speed lag.

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I mean, it must be good for streaming video. How else is Kinga going to take over the world?

Community did this as well with a few characters throughout its run. There was even an episode where a character in the show was live-tweeting in the background and during the broadcast they were pushing out tweets to coincide as if the episode was happening in real-time. Those additional little touches help with the world building and, much like the Gizmoplex virtual theater, make the world of the show feel a little more “alive”.

Would be great to help liven up the lull in between events, and would be great for those who like their lore.


Kinda dumb “yes and” of this…

Maybe the fictional universe not only includes Emily Connor, but also all of the MST characters AND fictional versions of all of us. An ironically detatched version of the metaverse. The Mistieverse or soemthing. The Kingaverse. But with no NFTs.

Ok I gotta say it I know that this season 13 is already in the bag but,
I can’t stand Emily’s Crows voice.
There I said it, she sounds like a Sesame Street muppet.
Otherwise it’s all good
Say sorry Sai.

Can we please have a single thread about Emily that isn’t talking about Kelsey’s Crow voice?


I LOVE this idea.


Speaking of PBS, all I can think of now is J. Arthur Crank on The Electric Company singing, “I Enjoy Feeling Annoyed.” :laughing:

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Ok you start!

Okay, Tom. You know, we can still tell it’s you even with a number in your name. You’re not fooling anyone, and be nice to Crow!

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That’s a great point, and it’s basically free promotion for the show since MSTies will definitely like and retweet anything from the in-character feed.

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I can’t help it.