ITT: TOP Recommended Sci Fi Series

I recently stumbled across the series Automan again. It was Tron in reverse - a game character in the real world. It was…not good.



Trigun was/is amazing. I’m probably one of the only ppl on the planet that likes it more than Cowboy Bebop.

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No I too find it more enjoyable


Yay! We’re bad taste buddies!


Started this and if you are a NASA geek or like alternative history stories this Is pretty neat!


Man in the High Castle
Classic Harry Turtledove (edit: Philip K. Dick) and one of the better offerings of the alternate history genre.

The best adaptation of a Marvel property, bar none. And outstanding acting from all involved.

J.K. Simmons. Say no more.

Too bad it was a one-off, but it was superb.

The Umbrella Academy
More top-notch tv from the comic page. Casting is superb all around, but Klaus and Five are amazing.

The best in the crowded zombie apocalypse genre.


I used to think I was not one of those die-hard B5 fans, and then I began telling people my ambition to collect all the unused completed scrips for Crusade and I realized I WAS one of those fans.


Not a show per se, but this was a three-part series on SyFy several years ago. Not sure if it’s available to stream anywhere, but I thought it was great:



Absolutely agree about Kingdom, it’s superb and cinematically gorgeous. If there really are areas of South Korea as pristine and beautiful as what’s in the show, I need to make a trip there.

Incidentally, The Man In The High Castle is from a Philip K. Dick novel. I love his stuff and even though Hollywood has adapted a lot of it, his most complex and challenging works have remained untouched, apart from A Scanner Darkly.


You’re right, of course. I had Turtledove on the brain from rereading Guns of the South recently.


I want to recommend to old-school Doctor Who fans Sapphire and Steel. It’s similar in that it involves time travel but it’s less the protagonists (intentionally) travelling through time but the title characters fighting cosmic horror that try to escape through seemingly innocuous anachronisms like a doctored photo or a nursery rhyme. The title characters are “elements” (despite the fact that sapphire and steel aren’t elements) who have been tasked with protecting people… but what they are remains a mystery. Time travelers? Aliens? Something else? No one sees how they arrive. They just… show up. And have powers and occasionally receive help from other elements like the friendly giant Lead or the handsome Gold.

The first arc is a bit slowly paced but things pick up with the second which is overlong but show it to be a much darker show than Doctor Who, where winning the day might mean our heroes allow an innocent man to die or that our future might be doomed or that though one enemy is trapped for a time, one woman will have to live the rest of her life away from mirrors for her own safety. Structurally, despite the sci-fi veneer, these are ghost stories first and foremost and the ghosts tend to represent the sins of the past (and in one case, the future)… England’s past. Warning, it ends on a cliffhanger and boy is it a doozy, with a new sort of threat.

They’ve tried rebooting it but it sadly doesn’t have the name recognition of Dr. Who. But if you are a fan, check it out.

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Just marking that it is 45 years to the day that Sapphire & Steel first hit our screens and messed up a lot of young minds.

“All irregularities will be handled by the forces controlling each dimension. Transuranic heavy elements may not be used where there is life. Medium atomic weights are available: Gold, Lead, Copper, Jet, Diamond, Radium, Sapphire, Silver and Steel. Sapphire and Steel have been assigned.”

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Now I have to watch this… and hope that we see it riffed some day…

Huh… Just Watch let me down here…

"Automan is not available for streaming.

Let us notify you when you can watch it."