iTunes Purchase Integration?

Okay, so this one’s probably a long shot, but… Over the years prior to the advent of the Gizmoplex, I purchased a fair few MST3K episodes from iTunes. It’d be great if there were some sort of way to integrate these purchases into the Gizmoplex video bunker.

Don’t get me wrong, as a true fan, I understand that I should support the team by just buying all these episodes again via the Gizmoplex, but despite my best efforts to follow Frank & Forrester’s numerous get-rich-quick schemes, I am not made of money.

Again, probably outside the scope of an initial release, but perhaps somewhere down the road?

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From the Kickstarter FAQ:

[GIZMOPLEX] Can I add episodes from other sites into my Gizmoplex collection?

Taken from Backer Update #15:

Unfortunately, we don’t have any ability to include episodes of MST3K that you got on other platforms (iTunes, Amazon, RiffTrax, etc). We wish we could!


I mean, I get that, but like Servo playing Orville Redenbacher’s son: “I still want [it]!” :slight_smile: