Joel and the Teleprompter

Every time Joel reads to us from a teleprompter an angel loses it’s wings. ;_;


Clarence! NO!


I kinda agree, it isn’t really part of his toolkit. Fortunately, he has other talents.


He’s got a lot on his plate, we can’t expect him to memorize lines for live hosting bits too :laughing:


I’m not clear on what the problem is here. If I could afford a teleprompter, I’d have them follow me around all day!!


To be fair, I’m sure there’s a few angels that have gotten a little full of themselves since getting their wings. A nice reality check can help bring things into perspective.


Guess his first 4.5 seasons was just an angel slaughter-fest then…?




They could afford a teleprompter back then???

Nah, I think he recently saw Rifftrax’s Things and was paying homage to Amber Lynn’s famously infamous cue card reading! :rofl:

I kid of course! If anything it reminded me of the laid back style Joel had in his original host segments. It was very Robinsonesque, very on brand and in character.

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It’s not much different from reading the script off the floor. A teleprompter helps keep everyone on track.
Manos: at 1hr 22 min 35 sec Two women in a car.
Meanwhile in Toledo
Oh no, Wait a minute. Did this movie just lap itself?
Riders on the storm.
Another convertible, another town, another movie?
“Manos: The Hands of Fate”

It sure is good to get away.
Damn the rain.
Vacations are fine, but this one should be great.
Yeah, the gang’s coming up for the weekend, what a blast!

What a blast! (Hiccup)
Wha! Oh wait there’s something gaining on us. Uh, oh never mind it’s just the top. I’m intensely stupid.
Just take your half of the road out of the middle there. That’s right.
This must be a weekly series.

So, so I told Gary that I was going on this vacation. So he goes, well, I’m going hunting with Jeff next weekend. Well that’s when we were at knives. And then Lou sang “Fernando” and then Gary - oh he sings so good. Oh, you should meet Jeff some time. Do you like Barry Manilow songs? I know the farmers need rain, but when it’s damp like this my hair just explodes, just ex-puh-looodes. Ooh, ooh, I’m feeling kinda gassy, McNuggets, you know they make me so gassy, and all that grease and all. It really helps if 8 to 10 glasses of water a day. Did you know that? Sometimes I drink 5, sometimes I drink 9 to make up for the other 3 I didn’t drink. Coffee and diet drinks don’t count. You know this is a pretty country, isn’t it? You know it’s really a blessing in disguise that I didn’t get accepted into college, eh? You know I’m gonna have to revise my 20 year plan, but - oh, did I tell you about my 20 year plan? Ok, well, OK, listen here. In year 1, this is the year when I’m going to take off those extra 7 pounds. You know, that’s equal to 7 pounds of butter, he he, so it’s like I’m wearing 7 pounds of butter! Hah, and, uh, now - oh, oh, where was I? Oh, oh yeah, so my aunt and uncle here, they celebrated their 20th anniversary, and my uncle wanted to sing, uh, “Sunrise, Sunset.” He wanted me to sing that, and I haven’t sung that since Cindy’s wedding, and well, she never thanked me for that. Well, I’m, still - uh, well, she, you know, she’s probably busy and all, with -
Still kissing? After six straight days? [Thunder]
A strange sounding door.
Joan Kennedy?
1hr 24min 50 sec

What the hell? Whoa this is blowing my mind.
Oh man! (Collective booing)
Where’s Torgo? We came to see Torgo.

I am Michael.

Hi Mike.

I take care of the place while the Master is away.
1hr 25 min 14 sec

Total time lapsed 2 min 39 sec
Movie dialog > 1 min
Occurring: driving, more driving, more driving, and parking.

I could probably say these riffs in about a minute. However it wouldn’t time up properly. A teleprompter would help keep me at the right pace, especially if I’m not watching the movie while riffing. When I was 11/12 years old I had RHPS memorized verbatim and all of the riffs. I could probably get through the whole thing within 20 minutes. It would really mess up the movie though. A teleprompter would help drag the movie out to full length.