"Joel Hodgson Al a Carte" at Memphis Comic and Fantasy Convention this past weekend!

So I attended a local convention here in Memphis and got to sit in on a Skyped panel with Joel in Pennsylvania! It was a ton of fun and Joel was as affable as always! I got to ask him what were the series of events that led him to becoming a co-writer on Disney’s direct-to-VHS sequel Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves. He said he was brought on by Nell Scovell, the creator of the original “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” series of which he was a magic consultant on (I always knew that Frank was involved but this was the first I heard of Joel’s involvement). We serenaded him with the theme song and he made all of us Royal Order of Free and Accepted Mystery Scientists. Lastly, we could chat with him briefly 1-on-1 and I was able to express my heartfelt thanks for creating such a show that lifts me up when I’m down and makes me laugh effortlessly. He signed an autograph for me before hand and it was inscribed “I think that someday you’ll be ready for a Nobel Prize!”

As for any secret details, I certainly couldn’t tell… lest I be removed from the ROFAMS! :wink: A good time was had by all.


From what I remember, Joel was big into in-camera special effects. One example, from what I remember, was a piece of chalk writing on a chalkboard. From what I remember, that’s what I remember.