John Williams to step away from film. Which of his film scores resonate with you the most?

In a recent news story, John Williams states that Indiana Jones 5 may be the final film to which he’ll apply his musical magic.

With that in mind, let’s hear your thoughts about your favorite John Williams film scores, those works that you love and consider to be memorable and extraordinary, the way his music accentuates and enhances your favorite movie scenes, and his place in film history.

And of course, let’s not forget where John Williams got his start in cinema: with the MST3K’d film, Daddy-O!


Jurassic Park. That score just speaks to me all the way through. I don’t even play piano, but I taught myself just enough so I could play that theme.

Though both the Superman theme and the Raiders March also thrill my soul.


I don’t have a technical knowledge about musical composition and what works/doesn’t work and all, but I’ll say this: I can’t talk about the score from E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial without getting emotional.

Williams has done better work elsewhere, but his E.T. score? That’s a pure emotional journey, right there.

And I love the hell out of Jaws, which I feel has more to offer than its famous main shark theme.



My memory is unfortunately hazy, fuzzy, and full of more holes than Wiffle-brand Swiss cheese, but I remember going to Jurassic Park as a youngster and loving the hell out of the whole experience, especially THAT score.

The reprise of the Raiders March as Katanga and his crew spot Indy clinging to the German submarine? How that reprise soars as Katanga salutes Indy and his crew cheers Indy on? Flipping majestic.


Original Star Wars trilogy is my number 1, 2 and 3 spot.


Solid winner: the “Leia’s Theme” motif from Star Wars. Sweeping, majestic, and able to gently push any scene it’s used in to greater heights.


Such good stuff.

I remember our film audience gasping during the premiere of The Last Jedi when they saw the “in loving memory” credits tribute to Carrie Fisher accompanied by those few notes of Leia’s Theme.


Good for him for still being able to work at such an advanced age.

People have bashed him for being so commercial or mainstream, but in doing so, you’re also putting down his body of work, aren’t you? And I can’t deny that the Darth Vader theme and so many others (JP comes to mind as well) are just classic.

Morricone is always going to be my favourite composer, but John Williams is one of the best as well.


Morricone was ALWAYS clutch. The kind of composer who was adept at elevating films. And as it was with Williams, it was cool to see his work show up on MST3K as well!

Their loss, truly. He did a great deal to get audiences involved.

Even with those less celebrated movies, like Always (which I personally dug).


I’m going with Jaws.

There was a good interview someplace (TapeOp magazine? don’t remember) with his son, Joseph (?) Williams, apparently lead singer for bits and pieces of the band “Toto.”

I still sometimes get confused because of the classical guitarist John Williams, but, yeah, maybe John Williams didn’t have the pedigree of some of the European refugees responsible for film scores in the Hollywood of the 1930s through the 1960s, but he always hit it, and but good.


It IS a choice score.

And like I said earlier, there’s so much more to it than its shark theme.

Case in point, I love the build in “Promenade (Tourists on the Menu)”.


Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Don’t ask me why. Not sure. It just really grabbed me when I saw it in the theater—especially the climax of the grail theme as the temple is collapsing and Neil Connery’s brother convinces Junior to let it go.


Star Wars
Close Encounters
Indiana Jones
Harry Potter
Jurassic Park

All iconic movies and all with iconic music. I can’t pick just the Imperial March or Indy’s theme. The overture for Superman better than Jurassic Park?

John Williams is a national treasure. That’s the music of my childhood. And let me tell you, hearing an orchestra play his music live while watching the movie … man if you ever get the chance, take it. It is magical.

So no, I can’t pick just one. Even something silly like Space Camp still had that John Williams touch.



And there’s so much gravitas in the Grail Knight laying down the rules and the boundaries of immortality, but as compelling as the dialogue and visuals are, it’s Williams’s underlying score that takes it to a whole other level.

I feel the same way about the recurring “fortune and glory” leitmotif we hear in Temple of Doom.


I can believe that. And it rocks that you got to have a filmgoing experience along those lines!

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I really like the Star Wars music, in part because much of it is inspired by one of my favorite works: The Planets by Gustav Holst. I love listening to The Planets and hearing the musical themes that John Williams turned into the Star Wars score.


Even after all the viewings, that score still retains that intangible wonder.

Like, everything during the Death Star run? [Italian chef kisses his own fingers dot gif]


Some of my faves:


Aw, man… that first listen of “Duel of the Fates” was something sensational. It still goes HARD.

I really, really love the Star Wars soundtracks. Every single score he’s done, including the new movies. Just every single one touches my feelings and compels me. “Duel of the Fates”, “Across the Stars,” “Rey’s Theme” the sweeping motif used in many of the songs in the original trilogy. UGH.
Non- Star Wars though I’d definitely go with the Jurassic Park theme, which is also a real emotional one for me haha