Jonah Ray Goes on the Internet - 5/26

You probably recognize Jonah Ray from MST3K, but you might also recognize him as the identical twin of Dumb Industries founder Chris Gersbeck. Chris is bringing Jonah into the Dumb fold May 26 with a livestream that includes “riffing, songs, videos, and special guests.”

Jonah Ray Goes On The Internet: An Evening of Riffing, Songs, Videos, and Special Guests! — Dumb Industries (

It’s pay what you want, which is a pretty good deal.


What if I can’t afford what I want to pay?


Then you could get away with only paying $50-$75.

Just pay this guy for not rehearsing.


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Any idea if this will be downloadable after the fact? I probably can’t watch it live, but I’d like to watch eventually.

@Chris_Gersbeck probably knows…?

This has been postponed to a TBA date.

Directly from Dumb Industries:

Just abuse Apu’s Take A Penny Leave A Penny tray.

I really hope all is well with Jonah.


Same, same, same here, aye.


Has there been any update on why the show was cancelled?

Not yet.

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Sorry to bump this thread, but was a reason ever given?

Not that I’m aware of. It might be a good question to ask during the Twitch stream of Dumb Mystery Hour on Thursday.

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