Jonah's Tom & Crow

In the middle of the “Manos” stream, we get a host segment where Jonah has to encourage Tom and Crow to power through watching the rest of the movie. The whole thing centers around the idea that they’ve never seen it before.

Is this definitive proof that these are not the original Tom and Crow built by Joel Robinson, who crashed back to Earth with Mike after Diabolik?

But, in the past, they’ve seemed to be versed in MST3K lore. Have they perhaps (understandably) deleted “Manos” from their memory banks?

Were they pretending not to have seen “Manos” before for the sake of the joke?

Or should we file the whole thing under “simply just relax” and not pretend that there’s any kind of continuity to it?

What do you think, Sirs, Ma’ams, and Non-Binary Fam?*

*(Also: Does that work? Is there a better version of that which remains inclusive?)


“Y’all’ns” is the accepted phrasemiognomy.


I do use “y’all” for that purpose in many places, yes. Or “folks.” We could use “crew” here. But “What do you think, Sirs?” is an MST3K catchphrase, and I’m trying to work with that.


Or is it an exception since this is a special and not an episode itself?


It’s definitely not the same Servo, as in Diabolik (I think?) when he tells all his clones to self-destruct, the original Servo blows himself up and one of the clones remains.

But, as Mike says, it probably doesn’t matter that much.

Then there’s the whole episode where they transmogrified into beings of pure energy and back; that probably played havoc with the memory banks.

Finally, Crow was on his own on the Satellite of Love for approximately 500 years, and that sent him a little loopy(-er).

EDIT: And yes, I should really just relax.


That’s a good point. The Kickstarter videos and livestreams I would consider non-canonical. It makes sense there that they’d refer to MST3K as a fictional show. This feels like a borderline case? It’s presented as a host segment, but it’s inside a stream rather than an episode. And they make no reference to seeing Joel and his bots riffing it. Hmm.

I had thought of that time, but not the implications for their memories. You make good points.


Doesn’t the time bubble timeline fix all this, Abrams-style?


Does it? Sadly, although I bought tickets to the show, I was not well enough to attend.


I’m just guessing. Besides changing time, other techniques to change what everyone remembers about a show include: “it was just a dream” and “tailored for a foreign market” and “what dog?”.


I’ve already felt that this is not the same Crow and Tom as on the show. Since they’ve never explained how they got them away from Mike, they’re just alternate Crow and Tom and there are plenty of options for where they could have come from.


I just kinda figured the new bots were constructed by Kinga. When she decided to reopen the SOL, she went up there to check out its current status and found all the old notes, sketches and blueprints Joel had made when he originally designed the bots. Kinga assumed the robots had been designed by her father and that they were an integral part of his “experiments”. Since she could not find the bots anywhere on the SOL, she deduced they must have been stolen by that Mike Wilson guy she heard tell of; it sounds like something he would do.

So Kinga used Joel’s original plans to rebuild the bots and she had them in place on the SOL even before she selected her test subject. (One might assume this is also how she chanced upon the idea of a “Cambot” which would soon be a key element in her planned “Kingadome”.) Her bots are high quality reproductions, but they are repros, not clones, so there are differences and variations from the original bots. GPC had to undergo the most dramatic overhaul in order for her to handle all the highly specialized technology and sophisticated computers in use on the new SOL.


I don’t know if the Time Bubble show is considered canon, but that version of Crow definitely remembered Joel, Mike, and Jonah while riffing the experiment with Emily.


Anakin Skywalker wiped their memories.


Good question…

Wish I knew, they didn’t come here for that tour… :frowning:


For those of us who did not attend the tour, please elaborate? I’ve always assumed Kinga simply fabricated a new SOL and bots, and that the originals remain on Earth with Mike.

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Can the SOL even be ‘up there?’ I thought Mike and co. crashed the original. It couldn’t be hard to remake the Satellite, and as for retaining memories of Joel and Mike we don’t know how the bot memory banks were backed up. We’ve now officially put more thought into this than perhaps anyone!


I like “team”.

Also, I reserve judgement on this issue until the end of this season. I’ve gone with the “new bots” theory until now because, but now that we’re having Jonah, Joel and Emily this season, I want to see how it plays out.

I meant “What do you think, Y’all’ns”. But, why worry? The sirs line is a known thing that Joel said a whole lot, and why not it can be used wherever you want because it’ll always be an allusion to the first 5 years of a certain television show and not really calling anyone in particular any sort of thing.

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The servo that starts in Reptilicus clones himself and then he is not the servo who stays at the end of the sketch.

the crow who started in season 8 went back in time to wisconsin and stayed there in Time Chasers.

From how I see it, they’re all different and they may retain some memories from the previous Servos and Crows and GPCs, but they are separate entities.