June 3 Viewing Party?

It was so much fun having a community viewing party on May 20th, let’s do it again in between S13 episodes on June 3 next!


I dunno, according to my calendar that day is…


(Dramatic musical sting!)


You know I’m totally in favor!


June 3rd?!?

No Way Wow GIF


Okay folks, what are we watching together this FRIDAY, JUNE 3?!! ETA: The top two picks will be for our June 3 and June 17 community viewing parties!

  • Quest of the Delta Knights
  • Deathstalker
  • The Magic Voyage of Sinbad
  • Cave Dwellers
  • The Magic Sword
  • Merlin’s Shop of Mystical Wonders
  • Random pick/don’t care just happy to be here

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Since this would be an “unofficial” community watch party, I assume everyone would simply click “play” at the same time from their individual libraries, right?


Last time around @ivan put it up on the gizmoplex as an official community viewing party so it was available in the Kingadome and all!


Yes, but that was an official viewing party. Ivan hasn’t scheduled anything for this week, so it would have to be done differently.

My friend. That official viewing party was also organized by me in the same way it’s being organized now. :heart:


Once we’ve got a clear front runner I was just assuming we’d do the same thing as last time and tag @ivan who would do some kind of behind the scenes magic to make it official like they did for the May 20th watch party. :popcorn:

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Ivan will be unavailable on Friday to set this up! I encourage y’all to go ahead with it, you’ll just need to figure out a way to synchronize your streams (just don’t cross them).


Noted, we’ll get things official for the 17th if Ivan is handy then!

No guarantees on not crossing the streams though, I’ve always wanted to do that and now’s my chance!


And remember, when someone asks you if you are a god, you say yes!


That’s what I say even when they don’t ask. :wink:


I don’t want to speak for Ivan, because I have zero doubt that anytime he can help out by starting a community screening, he will take the time to do it. However, I think going forward it would be preferable if these screenings were planned without relying on him – so if he CAN set things up for folks, he is free to do so, but also so he won’t feel badly if he’s busy and he cannot.

It’s worth noting that, to the best of my knowledge, these screenings can’t be scheduled in advance. Ivan has to be physically present at his computer to start them, and then he has to hang out and keep an eye on the stream. And he does so much already, y’all. I’m just trying to protect his time a little. I hope you understand.


Personally speaking, I’ve been concerned that we’ve been taking advantage of someone’s kindness – we got it once, now we want it all the time. We’re already getting a Kingadome showing every 2 weeks, and on off weeks, we can just as easily do this on our own through the bunkers.

I sure as heck don’t want Ivan feeling like he’s stuck doing this each and every Friday… I very much appreciate that he’s gone out of his way for us, but I think we need to show some consideration in return. We can set a time and use the bunkers.

And thank you Ivan for everything you do.


Thanks for the dose of reality, Lesley! We were starting to run amok and the reminder is timely. The last thing we want is to make more work for Ivan or spoil the experience for him, either.

It might be nice for him to have a trusted proxy or two who could set things in motion behind the curtain. If only someone was willing and able… :raising_hand_woman:t3: I volunteer as tribute button pusher!


My apologies, I thought it would just be a matter of flipping a switch, not a whole bunch of effort on anyone’s part!


And definitely not a demand or expectation at all! The idea was always for us to enjoy movies on the off weeks, never to add work.