June Vault Picks

Does anyone have timecodes for this month? I couldn’t find the sketch in the middle of Merlin.

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If you watch at the VHX site, you can slide the cursor on that bottom… well, whatever that thing is called, and can see images from the show, that’s how I find them.

Merlin’s near the end, at 1:21:14

Use the magic spell:


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Thanks! I was watching on my phone.

I’ve found typos in the subtitles for Magic Sword?

[Crow] Permission to cut him ib half, sir!
[Crow] Whew, glad I don’t jave to mow that lawn.


Good catch! Please submit caption corrections here:


Okay, I was going to ask since the Vault Pick doesn’t have a separate selection, but well, I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised the error shows up in the regular version too.

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Quest of the Delta Knights - 34:49
Deathstalker - 16:28
The Magic Voyage of Sinbad - 36:29
Cave Dwellers - 1:07:37
The Magic Sword - 1:03:04
Merlin’s Shop of Mystical Wonders - 1:21:14

(Thanks to @JakeGittes for Merlin.)