Just a couple of odd things I've noticed in recent days? (iOS/Mobile UI)

Not sure if the stress is starting to get to me (lots of chaos on this side of the screen I’m afraid), or if there was a small change in the target areas for some of the buttons?

(iOS/Mobile UI)

Recently, maybe every third time I tap the “current post # / total posts number” button to quickly navigate to a different part of a thread/topic, it sees it as me hitting the “Flag this post” button?

Also, it looks like at least a couple of times in the past couple of days, I’ve inadvertently “liked” a post while trying to scroll. And, now that I’m just now seeing/noticing it, the forum won’t let me remove the like… (there’s one that stands out like a sore thumb to me that is very noticeable every time I go back to that topic and … grrrrrr…)


Nothing urgent, just… odd? Aggravating?

Have a great day y’all.

I don’t use the mobile apps, so I dont’have the frame of reference necessary. Have you checked if your OS or if the app updated recently? That might be part of the issue, a tweak to the software makes a subtle change and suddenly everything is off half a tick.

I’m not sure what we can really do here, if that’s the case. You may need to contact Discourse directly to see if they have any bug reports on this.


Yeah, no updates that would have tripped it up.

It’s probably me being tired and less careful with my stupid fat fingers?

Would be nice to be able to undo unintentional likes though?

“Unintentional likes”

As in, you hit like by accident? Bc you can just click the “like” button again to remove it.

If you mean from random posts after you’ve clicked away- your profile lists all the things you’ve liked, so you could go back and rescind any unearned internet points from those underserving few…

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See, on the one that stuck out like a sore thumb to me… it’s not letting me do that.


It’s been a long week.


On my pale moon desktop, the site is blank. It worked yesterday. Need this looked at, thanks.

Try holding down Shift while you reload the page twice. That often fixes odd loading issues, especially if they’ve done a site update.

Sorry, that didn’t work. I’d like for them to go back to the last version, thanks.

I doubt that will happen. As has been stated a few times, the site is optimised for the current version of Chrome. You are running an old OS and browser, chances are it will not be compatible with modern website design.


Nvm, found one that works. Serpent 52.