Just a quick Hi and counting myself in as one of the folks who'll be in the visit today...

Will be in from Portland-ish, Or. Hi all, drop a note if you care to. ‘See you’ soon.

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I’ll try to watch but I’m at work so I’ll probably just catch the the download

So here’s what I learned so far (I will only talk about what I remembered from a few updates ago to refrain myself from saying any spoilers):

  • Crow’s been facing the camera this whole time… or was that Timmy?
  • Crow can no longer move his eyes, yet he now has the ability to blink?!

It was a very cool set visit and hopefully it is available for everyone to view on the Gizmoplex. Shout-out to all the awesome VIPs who showed up on screen to ask some great questions!


Crow is very much facing the wall.

This was explained (with a diagram) in the Amazing Colossal Episode Guide years ago. TL:DR, it’s an optical illusion and he faces the direction of the movie screen.


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