Just because it's a cable era show doesn't mean we need cable era length breaks all the time

Dial em back a bit please

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I believe they are dialed back a bit. There are several places where there once was a commercial break and these streams just continue on with the show. And apart from the intermission, I think all the ads are shorter than a traditional 3-6 minute commercial break.


I love the intermission during the live streams. It gives me time to run to the rest room and get snacks. They aren’t in the actual episodes of season 13, and there are far smoother “interruptions” in the episodes.


COUNTERPOINT: I need time to hustle away from the computer and get pretzels.


Just repeat to yourself, “It’s just nostalgia, I should really just relax.”


Or use Dogs as a bathroom break.


I get your argument here, but I think for a livestream event, a majority of people appreciate the intermissions to tend to things like snack top-ups, etc.

And again, I appreciate that sort of thing isn’t for everyone. The great thing is that they are giving us a choice to forego the intermissions altogether, by providing a standalone version of each episode alongside the livestreams. Everyone’s a winner!


I’m not saying no to ads and intermissions just less of them, they seem longer on retro episodes

Can you point me to one of the episodes where you’re seeing this? I’ve skimmed through a few of the retro episodes and I’m not seeing any ads at all.

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Tonight’s live rewatch of hobgoblins

You should be able to find the ad-free version of Hobgoblins here.


They run like 3 ads per event. One for each of the sponsors. Each ad is like, 2 minutes? Maybe 3? It’s like 9 total minutes of ad-time out of ~3hr event. I don’t mind it.
I’m thankful they don’t do ad-breaks during the Q&As. :rofl:


Again, not the issue.
It’s the live events for tributes.
I know where the classics are
I know they are different

I think the intermythons are justified

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It makes sense for the live events to have decent sized breaks for the reasons others have mentioned. As a viewer, you can’t pause a live event to go to the bathroom, grab a snack, etc - you’ll miss part of the show. Intermissions and breaks mitigate that for the live-viewing audience. It’s also a great opportunity to see what’s being discussed in the live chat, maybe post a question on the forum for the post-show Q&A, etc.

By the time it becomes a “replay”, it’s a moot point because you can skip forward past the ads. Maybe what you’d like is for them to implement some sort of “chapter markers” into the replay, to skip to the Q&A for example? This, I could see as a useful option. But as far as the breaks go currently, I feel like they’re doing more benefit to people than bad - generous sponsors and live audience alike.

Apologies if I’m missing something.


I mean, the breaks are nowhere near as long as actual network TV breaks. And they feature the cast we know and love. I don’t have an issue with it.

What I really miss are the Netflix bumpers with the live band and Boneheads. That was part of the ongoing show-within-a-show conceit of Kinga’s and I thought it was brilliant. I hope that can come back someday.


If the characters start hawking 2-Calorie Quest, I don’t think I’m gonna’ re-up. Sorry. :wink:


Considering you can’t pause the livestreams as they’re happening, my bladder thanks the ad breaks being put back to use.


I’m actually wishing the ads were longer. I’m thinking the show could be cut down to around 10 mins, the rest of the 3 hours dedicated to ads. That way we ensure that season 14,15,16 can be secured. This could give me time to cook a three course meal, take out the trash, wash the dog and car, and be back in time to see the condensed clips.


Please keep the breaks just as they are. The pacing of the live events is great!