Just Found out That Torgo's actor was my 10th Cousin (at least according to familysearch) what mst3k Icons are you guys (distantly) related to

I’d take it with a grain of salt because I’m not entirely sure how reliable Familysearch is, but it’s free, unlike ancestry, so that’s why I use it…

And the weird thing is Lately I was thinking about how I kinda always looked a bit like him.


Small avocado with ranch, from Hera’s Voyage to the Sun

I’m still waiting on confirmation, but it looks like Crabby the Crab Hat from Wizards of the Lost Kingdom was my long lost uncle.


I love this topic.

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FamilySearch is generally reliable, although it’s all done by individuals, some who are just enthusiastic about family history, so there are mistakes that have been made. It happened in my family line with someone mixing up my grandmother with another woman with a similar (not the same) name. It took months to get it straightened out. :slight_smile:

I’ve never checked to see if I’m related to famous people. I’ll have to do that sometime. :slight_smile:

Do you mean related through a 10th cousin? That’s going back 300 years and 2048 great great great great great great great great great grandparents… so…


I wish the dune buggy in ‘Eegah’ was my dad. We’d do everything! Joy riding around town, donuts in the sand, I- I- I’d fill his tires with water- and- and I’d totally make sure the blankets and shovel are just right… Oh- Oh! We’d do spinouts and outrun giants and stuff!! Cool!


No I mean he’s literally my tenth cousin…

in the knees?

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more in the face?

A hat will fix that right up.

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A person has about 24 1/2 million living 10th cousins.
Or do you mean you have 10 cousins and he is one of them?


The first one…

Why you gotta cramp my style tho’?


I think it’s interesting and it would be so cool if we could know how we’re related to everyone.:+1:t2:

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Cousin Space Santa Cameron Mitchell, here. :raised_hand:t2:

EDIT: finally got my mother to give me the specifics… CM’s 4th great grandparents and my grandmother’s 4th great grandparents were the same people. So it’s distant… but it’s still blood. :crazy_face: