Just the Jokes from Rifftrax

Cool technology of audio-only that you can play-along with a copyright-encumbered movie. I kind of liked the Wizard of Oz riff from the Kickstarter but once I figured out how good the app was at keeping things in sync I really enjoyed some of the others. Casablanca was great!

It finally got me to try out The Room… it was as bad as I expected but even stranger. There is no way I could have watched it by itself. I rented the DVD from the last store left in Atlanta: Videodrome! I just picked up a stack of Harry Potter DVD’s from the library, so I’m going to try those next.

Bottom line: good tech syncing the audio via the app and a great way to get unattainable movies some much-needed riffing!


Is the tagline on their storefront sign “Long Live the New Flesh”?


“Hey, slow down, John. You’re not supposed to act like Nic Cage, yet.” - Mike

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