Just wanted to say thank you to everyone involved in making and running this forum

Definitely some hiccups I see, but glad to see an official forum back and I think it flows well and is set up pretty nice.

Been looking for a home away from home since [adultswim] closed down the [asmb]. I spent 5 or 6 years as a regular user and then 4 as a SwimHelper(kind of a volunteer mod-lite for them, my main job was to do the headers, images, shcedule changes for certain shows, polls, hold contests, work on wikis and suggestions from fans, and etc. Basically stuff to help encourage user participation and to take some of the load off the mods, we could also temp ban but that was in extreme situations where no mod was responding to an immediate situation). I’ve been a life long of MST3K and I’ll be happy to help in anyway I can.

I already love this place so to all involved a simple but sincere thank you :pray:


Indeed. Official forums are so rare these days and I am glad you are taking the risk.


Yeah, it’s great. I was in the early part of the beta test, and now that they’ve opened it up I’m having a heck of a time keeping up with the message flow.


I’ve been really enjoying this forum ever since the street team was invited to partake of the early test. Load of fun topics and wonderful users. My favorite so far have been the live stream open threads - if you watch the livestream, and you absolutely should - be sure to hang out in that thread. It’s a blast. The cast answered one of my questions! That was very cool.


Yeah, I am definitely impressed by how steadily active this place seems to be already. Even at midnight or 3 AM there were posts less than 15 minutes old.

How long has this been up so far???


Didn’t know about the mindless summer until the 3rd live riffalong, but was there for every one of the Kickstarter on youtube and helped bring in some people from swearnet by posting there about it and sharing the schedule. Would of backed it but I was between jobs at the time. Been thinking about doing a late pledge if they’re still accepting those.

Was definitely fun playing games and doing random stuff with the cast and fans for the jackbox stuff.


Maybe two months? I think the Street Team got invites first, then Leslie posted a link with limited invites in the KS comments section. I got in then.


Hear hear! I left Facebook years ago (because FB is evil and bad for you) and the only part of it I’ve ever missed is the MST3K Revival group. So I’ve very happy to have a Mistie group all on its own without being part of the evil empire! :tada:


Amen to those thanks.

I would like to stick around this place for a long time. This community is very fun and something wonderful… part and parcel of MSTies at their core, I would say.


Yeah, this place is pretty awesome! Getting to geek out MST3K is so much fun.

The right people will get it, indeed.


I’m So happy to be part of something that was so integral to my sense of humor as a child and now as an adult. This show was here when I was struggling with deep depression. I’ll always love it.


So agree, @ArtCrow


I just wanted to add to the thanks, not sure if it should be a PM or separate thread, which is why I’m sending thanks! I’ve never gotten the hang of forums, the whole thing looks and feels awkward to me. So, it was actually very comforting and useful to have a bot welcome me and give me a tutorial. Even though everything it taught me was pretty self-evident, it really put me at ease and said to me “okay, you can do this.” Now I may forum with fellow fans in a forumly way. Forum. :vulcan_salute: :robot: :rocket: