K03 - Found? Not Likely, but Maybe?

Someone in the comments of a post in the official FB group is claiming to have a copy of K03.

I’m not thinking it’s really likely and they are either confused or full of s****, but I’ll grasp for any chance of hope I can get! Just thought I’d like you all know if you all want to take a crack at trying to get it out of them:



They have a “Top Contributor” badge which for FB means they do post often to the group, so they aren’t someone new trolling. What sort of reputation do they have in the group?

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I feel like we’ve been through this too many times for me to get my hopes up, so I’ll assume they’re talking about the season 3 version.

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This is the one time when I think it’s appropriate for us to shoot our own version. If we start tomorrow, it’ll be ready in time for Joel Hodgson’s next birthday. (Probably.)

I’m doing my part by selling all my NFTs. :wink: