Kickstarter backer on profile

Hi I’m an idiot on this stuff, can someone please tell me how I can get the “backer” next to my profile image?

Awesome! Thank you for the info

Um…page is not there :frowning:

It says I can’t view backers is it locked up?

I’m a backer for both Kickstarters

The process for updating your backer status was refreshed a couple of weeks ago—here is the most up-to-date info:

Ok guess I’ll have to wait till The Mads give me the ok :slightly_smiling_face:

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I sent them an email to the address they provide there, and about a day later my K was in place!

Who’s address was it to? I have had any luck yet.

Kickstarter at MST3K dot com.

Thanks for your time, but nothing seems to work  for something so simple, all I would like to do is to show my status like everyone else. Heck I remember when we used to circulate the tapes! None of the links work and the backer group is closed some how. 

Should be that all ya’ gotta do is type in your email and backer number, both match up and your golden.
I just put my KS Revival League number on my profile, maybe some one will see it and grant me backer status. I also backed the make more MST3k build the gizmoplex KS as well.
Although I am the dumbest person I know.

Went to the links and ended up here but still not sure on what else I need to do. Is the email for the forms page case sensitive?

Try using the browser on a computer – your phone is collapsing the interface and making it harder to follow the instructions we posted!

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Ok Ivan thanks for that tidbit of knowledge.
Probably saved my wall from my head again.

Wait a minute it’s there!! Yay woohoo!!! I didn’t do anything sweet!
Thank you Sirs! Or Ma’am’s
Happy happy joy joy!!