Kickstarter classic shorts rewards predictions?

Since we’ll be getting 20 classic shorts in the next month or so, I was thinking about what shorts we might get. Anyone want to make some predictions?

Let’s start with the big gun: Surely Mr B Natural will be one of them. If there’s a short that stands out as THE MST3K short, this is it.

Probably the most famous short they ever did was A Case of Spring Fever. This seems to be a likely inclusion.

I looked through the list of episodes that are unlikely to ever be released, and only one of them seems to have a short, Snow Thrills from It Conquered the World. Hopefully this will be on the list.

Assignment: Venezuela from the never produced MST3K CD, would likely also be a good fit.

I’d love to see Robot Rumpus, but since it’s a rare short that isn’t public domain, I’m not sure if that would complicate things.

While I don’t think they would fit with the 20 “classic” shorts, it would be nice if people who signed up for the GizmoPlex got the MIGIZI shorts, “A Busy Day At The County Fair” and “Behind The Scenes At The Supermarket” added to their collection, along with the Emily reriff of Supermarket.

Those are my thoughts, what do you, the sirs at home think? What are your predictions, hopes and dreams?


I’d like some of the serialised shorts to get added. Commander Cody for example


Since Shout! Factory made Assignment Venezuela available on-demand recently, I’m hoping that will be one of them.


I was wondering about the serialized stuff, and if it would make sense to put them in or not. They all kind of run together for me.

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I’m hoping for the “Hired!”saga, personally.


In Hired! 3, they’ve sold a car to everybody and are heading to Mars to see if any aliens want one. Can’t let those sales numbers fall! It’s Jamison Handy’s biggest budget and you can see it all on the screen.


I can just see Hired 3 made today: Boss Man slumping on the porch while his dad drapes a cloth over his head.

“These influencers today just don’t work like we used to. I was getting a thousand likes a day when I started in this business!”


I would love A Date With Your Family, The Home Economics Story, Are You Ready For Marriage?, Is This Love?, and Body Care and Grooming. These are some of my favorites and they riff them so hard.


I love the “relationships and family” shorts like Are You Ready for Marriage? and A Date with your Family, but to really appreciate them you need the related host segments (like when they all sit down to dinner and try to follow the Date with Your Family rules).

But my favorite short are probably:
Here Comes the Circus
Design for Dreaming
Speech: Using your Voice
Last Clear Chance
The Days of our Years