Kickstarter Digital Episodes Spreadsheet

Before I go digging back through the Kickstarter updates and comments looking for it does anyone have the spreadsheet showing which episodes were part of which package/price point? Someone created a handy guide during the campaign and I thought I had saved it, but no dice.

EDIT: Spreadsheet found, link posted below.


Yeah, this was shared in a Kickstarter update at some point; and I copied the episode list to my notes app. Unfortunately I didn’t include the specifics about packages/price points, so this is an incomplete answer.

Here’s what I got:

  • Gamera vs Barugon
  • Fugitive alien
  • Mitchell
  • The brain that wouldn’t die
  • Village of the Giants
  • The Dead talk back
  • The Starfighters
  • Angels Revenge
  • Jack Frost
  • Quest of the Delta Knights
  • Boggy Creek II


Someone made a spreadsheet which showed which episodes came in each of the digital packages, all the way up to the 140-episode (or thereabouts) library. I’m hoping someone here has a copy handy, but if not I’ll start digging through the KS comments.


Found it!


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I love me a good spreadsheet! :sparkling_heart:
(Don’t worry, I’m seeking professional help for it.)


Here’s how it’s listed on the Backer Survey:

Want to make sure your rewards include the MST3K BACKER COLLECTION (10 classic episodes) or DELUXE COLLECTION (20 classic episodes), all hand-selected by Joel for this campaign, plus TWENTY CLASSIC SHORTS and the hard-to-find episode QUEST OF THE DELTA KNIGHTS? Now they can!

The #MadeMoreMST3K BACKER COLLECTION includes:

  1. Episode 304 - Gamera vs. Barugon
  2. Episode 310 - Fugitive Alien
  3. Episode 512 - Mitchell
  4. Episode 513 - The Brain That Wouldn’t Die
  5. Episode 603 - The Dead Talk Back
  6. Episode 523 - Village of the Giants
  7. Episode 612 - The Starfighters
  8. Episode 622 - Angels Revenge
  9. Episode 813 - Jack Frost
  10. Episode 1006 - Boggy Creek II

The #MadeMoreMST3K DELUXE COLLECTION includes all of the above, plus…
11. Episode 202 - The Sidehackers
12. Episode 204 - Catalina Caper
13. Episode 316 - Gamera vs. Zigra
14. Episode 318 - Fugitive Alien II
15. Episode 501 - Warrior of the Lost World
16. Episode 609 - The Skydivers
17. Episode 620 - Danger!! Death Ray
18. Episode 816 - Prince of Space
19. Episode 820 - Space Mutiny
20. Episode 822 - Overdrawn at the Memory Bank

PLUS, get even more classic downloads unlocked through Kickstarter Bonus Challenges:
22. You also get 20 CLASSIC MST3K SHORTS!

___ PLEASE NOTE: This BACKER Collection is ALREADY included with the EXPERIMENT 150 pledge level, and the DELUXE COLLECTION is includes with all pledge levels at EXPERIMENT 250 and above.


Man! Wish I had this 5 years ago when I put my own list into Excel :frowning:

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Yay!!! Experiments are being updated!


Has anyone still not received their redemption codes. I know that they said they should have them ready by the 22nd. But, now I’m getting worried since it seems HyeRoss seems to have his redemption code already. I only want to make sure mine did not get filtered into spam

I have not received anything in email yet either. I am sure they are working their way through the lists.

thank you for reassurance Scallawag

I don’t. This was from the first kickstarter…actually not even. I bought this from vhx early this year.

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No worries, and I didn’t mean anything by it sometimes my backerkit emails end up in spam so I got worried


I didn’t think you did. But yeah, I’m also checking for the email about once an hour.


You are not the only one @HyeRoss. :rofl: I cannot wait


We haven’t sent out ANY emails for these yet! We’re hoping to start tomorrow or Tuesday, but you might see some of the thumbnails on the episode collections from our last Kickstarter start to update between now and then. Nothing to worry about, and you haven’t missed anything!


Seeing the new thumbnails and it’s very interesting. The thumbnails include sequential experiment numbers instead of episode numbers by season (101, 201, etc.) but The Crawling Eye is #22 instead of #1 - so they’ve presumably numbered the KTMA episodes as experiments 1-21.

Matching the numbering up with the episodes also suggests that the Movie is not included in this numbering scheme.


I think that makes sense due the wildly variable episode count season to season. At least with this numbering scheme being front and center, you know at a glance if you’re missing something and what the previous and next episodes are in the run order.


It also makes me wonder if they’re working on clearing more of the KTMA episodes for the Gizmoplex.