Kickstarter Rewards Buy/Sell/Trade Thread

Rewards are here! Rewards are here! Kickstarter backers are happily tearing into their packages of goodies (see the unboxing pictures) and geeking out over their cool new merch. But maybe you’ve realised you don’t have room for those posters, or that t-shirt isn’t going to fit. Have no fear, the MST3K swap meet is now open.

For now, this is the only thread for buy/sell/trade items, and the thread is limited to KS rewards only.

If you are interested in selling, trading, or swapping KS items, you are welcome to post here with a few reminders:

  1. Do not start your own thread.
    All sales, swaps, and/or trades need to be contained to this thread. We don’t want to flood the forum. :slight_smile: If new threads are created, they will be merged into this one.

  2. PLEASE do not derail the thread
    There is a whole separate thread for the discussion of your rewards. Please keep this one to just offers of items you want to offer to others.

  3. Do not offer items until they are in your possession
    Don’t offer what you don’t have. :slight_smile:

  4. Kickstarter items only, please.
    While this thread is mainly for those with items from the recent “Let’s Make More MST3K” Kickstarter if you have items from the original “Bring Back MST3K” Kickstarter, you are welcome to offer those items too.

  5. Clear images and size information need to be included
    Please include a picture in your post of what you are selling/swapping/trading. Buyers like to know what it is they are purchasing. :slight_smile: Also, if you are offering clothing, include the size.

  6. All discussions for sales/trades/swaps, including shipping, need to be through DM only
    While those offering items are welcome to post with what they have available, we do ask that all negotiations for price and/or trades be handled off the forum and through DM only. If posts are made in the thread, they will be removed.

  7. Alternaversal, Discourse, and forum mods are not responsible for what happens between members.
    These transactions are at your own risk. We’re an honest bunch, but if there are payment, shipping, or any other issues, those will need to be handled between the involved parties. Alternaversal, Discourse, and the mod team will not be responsible for such things as dispute resolution, money transfers, or item tracking.

  8. Update your post when your exchange is complete
    When your item is claimed, please go back to your post and mark it as such. This will cut down on people DM-ing you asking if the item is still available, and it will help those looking for items know what is still available.

  9. Turn down your lights where applicable.
    Once you have your newly acquired items (or the cold, hard cash) sit back and enjoy the wonder that is MST3K in the Gizmoplex!


So I got a small kickstarter rewards shirt for my son, but he’s grown so much since we placed the original order that he’s now a medium.

Anyone got a medium sized shirt that they’d be willing to trade for a small? Or to sell? I’ll pay shipping via FedEx both ways.



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@cordisco I’ve moved your thread into the existing buy/sell/trade thread. Please review the rules above regarding offers and communication. Thanks.

If anyone has a medium hoodie they want to trade for all my other kickstarter stuff (concession pack, posters, L Giz tee, Giz sticker), let’s talk! :smiley:

If someone all of a sudden decided they didn’t want to blu-ray set, please let me know. I’m getting the sets that I “contributed” too and had a change of heart since the Kickstarter.

Hello lovely team! First time, long time!

So I lost a ton of weight since ordering these rewards. Would anyone be willing to trade a 3D Moon Dark Grey T-Shirt X-Large for a Medium or Small? Or is anyone willing to sell their M or S? I will pay for shipping both ways and all that. Thank you


I’ve got an XL “comic” hoodie from the kickstarter. I’ve lost 30 pounds since I placed the order and when I received it, so I’m looking to size down to a Large. Does anyone have a Large they would want to trade for an XL?

Hi all.
I have a Red 3D Kingavision T-shirt in LARGE. (full disclosure: I opened it to try on)

I’m looking for a MEDIUM T-shirt (will consider other designs/colors).


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I have a Red 3D Kingavision T-shirt in EXTRA LARGE, looking to swap for a LARGE, not picky about color.

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I have a dark gray 3D shirt in L and a black Gizmoplex shirt in L. They are too small for me, so I’m looking to trade for XL. If anyone can trade, let me know through PM.

CLAIMED: L dark gray 3D shirt
UNCLAIMED: L black Gizmoplex shirt

XL dark gray 3D shirt
XL black Gizmoplex shirt

willing to trade OR buy.

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Hey all, I have a 5XL hoodie and I need closer to a 2XL. If anyone wants to trade, please let me know via PM. Thanks.

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Anybody need a Season 13 DVD set? I’m willing to trade mine for something of lesser value, as long as it is interesting enough that I feel the need to own it. PM me with potentially interesting things. I’ll leave this open-ended. I’m weird. You’re weird. There are lots of interesting inexpensive things in this world that could appeal to a MSTie.



Honestly, I’m not really a hoodie person so I don’t know how often I would actually wear this so I’ll offer it for sale. It’s size Large and still sealed in the bag. I’m thinking £30 shipped in the UK or $60 shipped to the USA. PayPal only.


Anyone want to trade my S 3D, and blue first gizmoplex tshirts for M of the same let me know!

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I have a red Kingavision shirt in XL and would like to swap for an M (or perhaps an L). Thank you!

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I messed up my sizing but is anyone willing to trade an M for a 3xl? It would make a great kids nightshirt.

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I’ve been mulling this over for a the past couple days, now decided it’s worth a try:

Would anyone be willing to sell me a Season 13 DVD set?

After seeing all those pictures of it, I ended up kinda wishing that I had sprung for it back in the day. So, if anyone is willing to negotiate a deal, I’m definitely open.

Thank you!


I’m in that same boat. I was able to get the netflix series seasons much cheaper after the fact, but I’m not sure there will be an after the fact this time.