Kickstarter Rewards Buy/Sell/Trade Thread

Look up the thread about five posts . @EBK has a set he’s willing to trade …


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Hey everyone, I got my stuff and here’s the bumper sticker (it’s big, almost 12" long):

I will never put a sticker on my stuff that encourages people to talk to me, so I’m willing to mail this to someone who wants it. If you’re outside the US you get to reimburse me for shipping, inside the US I’ll just pay the postage. DM me if interested.


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EDIT: Aaaaand it’s gone!

Giving away a large red tshirt:


Augh I should have got one of these… (back of hand to forehead)

If it’s not been claimed, I’m interested :eyes:?


DM me and we can coordinate delivery


Sent! :tada:


I received the dark gray 3-D moon shirt in 2XL, and it no longer fits me because I have lost weight and I’m looking to trade for a medium or possibly large of the same shirt or a hoodie (but I really want the 3-D). Please let me know if this interests anyone! Money is tight, or I would offer to pay shipping both ways. life has been difficult lately, but I really wanted to wear the shirt. It’s like a tent on me now. Please let me know if you can help.

I have a red 3D moon tee in XL and am looking for 2XL. Interested in a trade?

If I can’t find the shirt in a better color for me, I might take you up on that. But I have rosacea, so red really isn’t my color.

Ok, still here if you want it. Just let me know. Thanks

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I would but I don’t see a way to PM. My Android version of this app isn’t exactly user friendly. Can just figure out how to post :grin:

Went to wear my black Gizmoplex shirt (Medium/black) today… washed it after unpacking, was first time wearing it. Looked in the mirror and saw a hole in the front of the shirt.

So, if anyone has an extra black medium Gizmoplex t-shirt…


If you click on the picture of the person you want to PM, you can Message them from there.


I’m late to this thread, but would like to find new homes for these items which I’m not going to end up using myself:

  • Backer challenge coin
  • Concession kit
  • Mission Patches
  • Posters
  • T-Shirt in red, Large

The posters are still rolled up so I don’t have great photos of those. I don’t trust myself to roll them back up well enough to fit in the tube they came in, and my plan is to just ship them out in that tube unless whoever wants them has an objection to that.

I’ll be shipping things from central Texas and I’ll cover the shipping costs as long as they are reasonable. If you think the shipping costs to reach you might be unreasonable send me a message anyway and we’ll figure something out.


Purchased 2 hours later on Facebook Marketplace

I unfortunately missed out on the backing of season 13. And I would love to own the blu-ray set. I unfortunately have nothing to trade but are willing to pay a pretty penny for the holidays.