Kickstarter Rewards opt out?

Call me crazy, but I actually am not going to want most of the rewards that I am eligible for because I sort of try to live minimally and no longer really like collecting things … does anyone know if there’s a way to say, “don’t ship me certain items?” Probably not, as that just complicates things even further, but figured I’d ask.

I suppose you could find a fan who does want all that stuff and change your delivery address to theirs. Then they could just ship you the items you do want. Would involve a bit of trust, of course, but could find the items a good home.

I’m somewhat in the same boat too, working on slimming down my acquisitive life.


You could use them as gifts for one of the many MSTie Gift Exchanges that happen throughout the year.


Seconded. There’s always someone who wanted to pledge but couldn’t at the level the stuff is on. Only difficult to share digi†al items. I would never recommend sharing a password. ˇ

Links please!

The current gift exchange (Christmas in July) is happening now, so it’s too late to sign up. But the next gift exchange will be Secret Santa. The info for that usually goes out early November. I post all over the FB groups and twitter. And now I will post about it here! :slight_smile:
If you are on FB, check out this group: Redirecting...

Every month I run a post card exchange for MSTies. You can sign up for that here:
And our FB group here: Redirecting...


Same - I think I am going to be getting a popcorn bucket I don’t really want, have no place to store, don’t want more plastic thingies, for example. Being able to add a la carte is nifty (I did that to add something that was otherwise above my pledge level). But it would be even better to be able to take them away. I don’t think I’m going to have much luck finding someone to give things away to (I only use Facebook a little and am the last person on earth without a Twitter account)…

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I’m sure when the time comes we could set up some sort of bazaar here in the forums where folks could post reward items they don’t want/don’t need and offer them to others who would like them.

Not sure any money could change hands other than shipping costs, but it’s an idea.


Maybe there needs to be a “Swap Meet” forum to buy/sell/trade/divert KS rewards…


I believe there was the option to opt out of individual physical rewards last time and let Joel&Co. use the money toward making episodes instead. It’s practical because shipping is charged separately for the physical items, and that could add up to too much for some folks. The backer survey will have the info.