Kickstarter rewards?

I see people on FB and Reddit post basically daily. So if that’s maybe 10% of what’s ACTUALLY being rec’d, then that’s pretty good to me…

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There were 36,581 backers for the KS.

There are 14, 011 people signed up for this forum, of which 10987 backed the project.

We average 3K-4K active users per month. (meaning they have logged into the forum at least once).

Keep these numbers in mind. We are mightly but we are also small. :slight_smile:


I’ve never been on FB (apart from their creepy “shadow profiles” which they feel entitled to keep, despite not having non-users’ permission), and I don’t plan on ever changing that.


Thank you for the detail!!!

And for being the mod and for what you do.

Just frustrated…really don’t think it is anything you guys have done.
You probably shouldn’t have contracted Kinga and Max to distribute the rewards in hind site.


You’re welcome! I get the frustration but don’t hang too much on the fact folks aren’t posting a lot of pictures here. We’re just a tiny cross-section of the whole. (we are, of course, the BEST cross section, though. Just sayin’)


A poll like this could get us a sample (though potentially skewed) that might inform the general sense of how far along the fulfillment is. The responses stack and follow a particular narrative, so you only choose one option, but it means no special math to figure out what the deal is.

Where are you on the rewards spectrum?

  • Backed this campaign
  • … with physical rewards
  • … and paid shipping
  • … and received a shipment notification
  • … and received rewards
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Interpreting the results:
Total respondents = backer sample size
“Backed this campaign” = backed without physical rewards
“… with physical rewards” = rewards, but declined shipping (or never got the notification)
“… and paid shipping” = paid, waiting for shipment
" … and received a shipment notification" = warehouse acknowledged existence; in the hands of a service
" … and received rewards" = BACKERS WIN THE SUPER BOWL

Caveat: I’ll leave this poll open, so people can change their vote to update the stats, but keep in mind some people may not update their vote because they gotta scroll to wherever this poll is in the future, so the farther along in the future we are, the less accurate this would be.


Something else I wonder–and this poll may help solve it–is if there are people here who have gotten their shipping notice and/or rewards and don’t want to share it because so many haven’t yet. They don’t want to seem like they are gloating or something.

The anonymity of the poll may help those people feel more comfortable.


To be scientific about it, most people reading a “Where’s my Kickstarter stuff” thread are going to be in that, “nothing yet” category. Will I still be here, providing moral support to those who are waiting when my goodies arrive? I’d like to think I will, but I will probably check right out of this thread.


That’s a very good point, another skewing of the sample that I didn’t consider. So we can probably say that whatever the result is, the reality is better. Though it would be impossible to tell how much better.

Thank you for making some science on this.


Oh I’m gonna gloat SO HARD when I finally get my stuff turns out I’m the last one




Well, if we’re going to be scientific about it, we are going to need a test subject, and a way to isolate that test subject. I say we shoot them into space, so it should probably be someone we don’t like. I’m not sure what the next steps are, but I am pretty sure that’s a solid foundation for being scientific.



Sure glad y’all like me!

Guys ?


Oh… poopie.


That sounds like a project for the not to distant future.


Since I mistook how that poll works, I clicked in the wrong circle. I guess you’re supposed to click in the highest level of fulfillment you have achieved, not on all that apply.

I have paid my shipping but not received any notification.

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You should be able to click vote and change your vote? (I made the same mistake)


I thought @TheHippy was going to be the last one?


FedEx tells me my package should be delivered tomorrow, and I did get the confirmation email from MST3K.


Anytime after next Saturday, A.D. would work for me, scheduling-wise

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Oh great, thanks for that earworm.

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