Kickstarter rewards?

From the latest Backer Update sent today (July 20)


We know it’s been a while since we reported on the progress of your PHYSICAL Kickstarter rewards, so here’s the most important reminder:

You can always find an up-to-date schedule for all Kickstarter rewards, along with answers to reward questions, at the MST3K HELP DESK.

And, for those of you interested in a little more behind-the-scenes detail, here are a few quick updates on what we’re doing – and dealing with – to get your rewards ready and shipped:

  • REWARD PRODUCTION: Most rewards are either completed or in production with various manufacturers. As expected, rewards involving overseas production are the most unpredictable. The CHALLENGE COINS have lived up to their name, proving the hardest reward to finalize and put into production, but we’ve given final approvals on samples. Now we’re just waiting for the factory to finish making them.

  • COLLECTING SHIPPING COSTS: We’re still doing some final work to calculate your individual shipping costs, based on the addresses and orders you’ve each provided in BackerKit. We’re hoping to start collecting those fees within the next 4-6 weeks – i.e, before the end of August – with the goal of shipping out rewards before the end of September. When we do, we’ll make sure you have at least 2-3 weeks to pay.

  • 3-D DEADLINE: Right now, the deadline we’re most concerned with is making sure that you receive your KINGAVISION 3D glasses before the premiere of our 3D episode, which is scheduled for Friday, October 28. So, if other rewards fall farther behind, we may end up shipping the 3D glasses ahead of the other rewards. More on that when we’ve got final confirmation that all rewards have arrived at our warehouse.


Does anyone know what the latest updates on rewards being shipped out? And final shipping costs?


Check out today’s backer update for some answers:


Yet another delay of a delay :frowning:
Has there been any information given as to what difficulties have arisen?
All these delays are making me worry that something has gone wrong along the way.

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Pretty much the same thing that’s been slowing things down for the last 2+ years:


Is that speculative or has there been mention of shipping problems that I have missed?

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The most up-to-date information on Kickstarter rewards is at this page, which appears to have been updated on August 20:


Not sure if this is the right place but
As a non-USA based backer I’m probably going to have to pay quite high shipping prices (and possibly import duties)
I’m now worried it’ll be TWO sets of high shipping prices and import duties because the Glasses are being sent separately but with extra shipping charged later

It’d be good if we could chose to have the 3D glasses posted with all other backer merch to avoid this as paying 2 shipping prices wasn’t part of the original deal


@ivan, is this something that could be accommodated?

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@Eevee Totally reasonable question. I’ll look into it and see if we have a way to accommodate this… and my understanding is that it shouldn’t add more than $5-8 USD to the final shipping price.

(We’re also sending the box set next June, since we can’t finish making it until the full season is done, and we finish our final live event at the end of Feb 2023.)

But this is a totally fair question, so let me see what we can do.


I’d be curious to see what happens too. I had a feeling we might looking at some delays with everything, so I got these for the 3-D episode and other stuff too.

I’d rather save the money and have everything shipped out at once if that makes it easier.


Cute kids, although it’s kind of irresponsible to “get” them just for a premiere.


We’ve watched about a dozen others things on YouTube since I got four pairs for $7. I’ve spent money on worse.


I just watched Flesh for Frankenstein in 3D at a friend’s house. Terrible movie, fun 3D, but way too much nudity/sex for MST3K


(Just my little joke about “getting” the adorable kids for the premiere. I won’t carry it on, though - nobody should be bulk-buying pairs of children for $7!)


Sure they’re cheap to get, but the maintenance costs go on forever.


ya know, I see the kids in the grocery carts screaming for whatever and think the adult should just put it back on the shelf. Way too high maintenance. :smiley:


It took me too long to realize this. I got the glasses for seven dollars. The kids are the reason why I didn’t spend more on the kickstarter. :rofl: