Kickstarter rewards?

Worst case scenario, I’m sure one of us would let you use our address as your shipping address, then send it on to wherever you end up.


Or if you have a trusted friend or family member, they may be able to let you use their address for any mail/packages until you are in a better situation. Regardless I hope your situation improves.


Idk about where you are, but maybe a PO Box, even temporarily, may help with that. I haven’t had one in several years, but it helped me out when I was between homes/couch surfing…


Thank you, I really appreciate you and Ivan and the whole crew!


That still says they will send out emails telling us how much we owe in postage in late November. I did not receive such a message. Anyone?


An updated timeline was in the most recent Kickstarter backer update.

An Update on Physical Rewards

We have good news and bad news and then more good news.

The good news: after one final unexpected shipping delay, all of the physical rewards have finally arrived in the warehouse!

The bad news: now that we have everything, it will take our distribution partners another 2-3 weeks to get shipping costs for each order together. When that’s done, we can collect shipping costs from all of you, and when we’ve received your payment, your items can (finally!) be sent.

If you’re doing the math, this means we will NOT be able to get your rewards out in time for the holidays, and will likely be shipping them out starting in January.

We are so profoundly sorry for any disappointment and frustration this will cause, but COVID has meant the process of getting everything made and shipped was far more challenging than we ever could have imagined.

If you were planning to gift someone MST3K pledge rewards for the holidays, we will make a downloadable PDF gift certificate available, so that you can give something to let them know their gift is coming just a few weeks into the New Year!

And finally, a little more good news: Shipping costs, which have been extraordinarily and concerningly high during the holiday season, are scheduled to drop again on January 1st… and since we won’t be able to ship until after the holidays, you’ll be paying less for shipping than you would this month.

Again, we are truly sorry for the delays. We take your happiness very seriously and it’s a huge disappointment to us that we’re not able to deliver your rewards sooner.


Given this latest delay, which puts us into January, for those of us getting the DVD/Blu-ray box sets, would it make sense to hold out a little longer and just get everything in one shipment?

I’m certainly eager to get all my other goodies, but if it would eliminate the need for two separate shipments at different times, I’d be fine with waiting a bit longer to just get it all at once. I can’t speak for anyone else, but maybe if there’s enough interest it could be worthwhile?


You read my mind. The distance between those rewards is such now why not combine them at this point? Though given how the Supply Chain is these days who’s to say the discs will be on time.


As someone who will otherwise be dealing with multiple international shipping charges, I’d certainly welcome at least the option to have it shipped together. Unless this creates all sorts of logistical issues with storage etc on their end of course.


I am also voting for one shipment!


Not sure if this is the best place for my question, but does anyone know what the Gizmoplex stickers will look like? I’m hoping to be able to slap one or two on my ski helmet.

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As far as I know, the stickers have never been revealed.


If the stickers are of the actual “Gizmoplex Logo,” it’ll be long and narrow.

Can’t vouch for any other sticker possibilities!


That’d look good on the back of my helmet… (blackish grayish)

Or, maybe the front? Could only see it with the visor down though… hmmmm


What about thanks on social media? I haven’t seen that yet.

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Considering the current state of Twitter … LOL!

I was eligible for that one, but I passed as I’m not on Twitter or Instagram.

The last update on the social media thanks was that it was ongoing as of May 2022. No idea what that actually means, though since I’m not on any of the platforms to know if it happened.


I did answer the pledge question to recieve a shout-out on Twitter, as I barely posted anything on Instagram at the time, since I just got starting posting there. But now?


You could always update your survey. If it hasn’t been done yet, you could be good.

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Well, it’s Jan 14, 2023, and I’ve yet to receive the email asking for shipping costs payment. Anyone else?
Shipping delays and blame roulette is getting me increasingly annoyed, and I haven’t watched much on the Gizmoplex for a while because I’m annoyed.
Any update? I didn’t even get a Friday email yesterday.


They’ve mostly been doing updates on the week of a GizmoPlex event, so I wouldn’t expect one until next week.

They really need to stop giving specific timeframes. This was a problem during the campaign too, where they would say “In an update later today…” then it would come the next morning or something. Instead of “by the 10th,” say “by the middle of the month” would give them more wiggle room.

But don’t give up on watching GizmoPlex stuff! That’s that main focus of this. The other rewards are just bonuses.