Kickstarter rewards?

I don’t even remember what I picked or if I paid extra for something above the free picks. I did get the holiday card, and the 3-D glasses (which is ironic, since I am one of those people who can only see out of one eye at a time, and therefore have no 3-D vision :wink: )

I didn’t get any emails about a shipping charge.

I logged into kickstarter and it just says status not provided, on the reward.

I’m assuming from recent comments here that whatever I asked for has probably not been sent, and to just stay tuned?

Nothing as yet.

Someday that snow globe will be mine… OH YES. It will be mine.




I thought shipping and everything was covered when I paid way back in the first place. Unfortunately the kickstarter emails are going to an old spam mail that i don’t check that often. Dunno why i did that.

No, you paid whatever amount you pledged. It was stated multiple times during and after the KS that shipping would be calculated once items were ready to ship since it would have to be individualised for each backer.


@LadyShelley Hmm. Sorry. I obviously missed those. I figured it out later on. I was just trying to enjoy the show and discussion here. Not sure why people have to remind me of how much of an idiot i am. I’m sorry.

No one thinks you’re an idiot. :slight_smile: I’m sure you aren’t the only one who thought the shipping costs were already taken care of, either.

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