Kickstarter rewards?

Giving you a like because I saw the original before it was merged into this thread and it was a funny post title. That’s one thing that irks me to no end; when a post is merged into another thread, the title/subject is lost and often there’s no context to tell what the body of the post actually means.


No, the titles still there, in the merge message above it.

And we didn’t need a new, separate post for this subject… even for the punchline.

I just added that admin message about an hour ago to address the lost context.


Just one more thing though… is there a way to change your credit card info ? Maybe when the shipping email comes or otherwise? It’s been so long that everything in the original pledge was paid for, but I’ve gotten a different card since then and i don’t see a way to change it real quick.


If you log into KS and go to settings, there is a way to update the credit card info.