Kinga Background Check?

Do you think Joel did a background check on Kinga before placing her in a position of power?

I just rewatched an episode of “Monk” in which she and her accomplices just got arrested.

Better watch your backs MYSties, she really is M-A-A-A-A-D.


She did a Sing-Along-Blog, she’s fine.

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Wait, how did Joel put Kinga in a position of power?


Good question, Joel was never in the position of power that would allow him to put Kinga in a position of power. Best in universe guess would be that Pearl somehow arranged for Kinga to take control of Gizmonic Institute, and Synthia is likely involved.

Of course, the completely made up history of the Gizmoplex holds some tantalizing clues, but is mysteriously incomplete, ending in 1989. It is as if someone doesn’t want us to know how Kinga gained control of the Gizmoplex.

Putting all of the clues together, I would surmise that Charles Nelson Forrester is still pulling the strings behind the scenes.


Sold the MST3K rights to her.