Kingadome friend silhouettes?

So, maybe this is a pie in the sky idea or maybe it’s something others have suggested already, but tonight (4/1/22) was my first livestream experience via the Kingadome.

The chat sidebar is fun, but it’s a bit overloading and takes up 1/4 of the screen width. I’m not saying it should go away, because it IS fun. But it’s not going to be for everyone. Personally, I’d prefer to watch with friends, rather than the entire community at once. This gave me an idea.

The audience seats at the bottom of the screen seem like the perfect place for a bit of more personalized interaction. Imagine if you filled the seats with robot silhouettes that were representative of your friends who are watching along with you. You could chat with them via comic style word balloons that pop above their robot.

Give users the ability to customize their robot and make lists of friends. You can start up a personal chat group for the show and invite your friends to join. You could extend this to private viewing rooms to watch older episodes and shorts from your personal library.

Anyway, just an idea, maybe a bit too big for this early stage of things. But it’s an idea that’s growing in my head and I wanted to share.