"Kingdome" Tab title typo in Chrome

The tab in Chrome is labeled as “Kingdome” rather than the correct (I assume) “Kingadome” while watching the Manos live stream. Or maybe this is just some Seattle reference I don’t get.
Screenshot 2022-03-18 201713


Hi, guys & gals. Not sure where to put this. Can someone start a “typos” header? (Meaning, forgive me if someone else has mentioned this, but I’m not reading a thousand comments.) Heh.
On the entrance to the Gizmoplex, the movie title at far right should read The She-Creature with a hyphen (it is hyphenated in the poster right below.) On the synopsis for “Alien from LA”, your last sentence with the song title needs punctuation at the end. On synopsis for Girl In Gold Boots, 1) danceer should be dancer 2) Song title should be “Oh, I Am Sad” (all caps). You’re missing the cast from Revenge of the Mysterions from Mars. (Perhaps you thought no-one starred in it…LOL). How can you not list Jackey as Debbie in the Manos cast? :slight_smile: She has a bigger part than Bernie Rosenblum! One too many spaces between “questions” and “If you missed” on the Post-Screening synopsis. And does the “h” have to appear on the time on same page? (Maybe it does.) Ramon’s name should have the accent mark on the cast for The Robot vs. the Aztec Mummy.