KMATV 02 - Revenge of the Mysterons from Mars

Going back over the KMTA episodes and man, this film is a lot worse than I remember it being as a kid. I used to love Captain Scarlet but this…is just boring.

At least the riffs are solid.

Still weird getting used to long haired Joel, Servo’s voice and a host of other things that were 100% improved for the first Comedy Central series.


I have a real soft spot for long-haired Joel, but I am weak for that shaggy kind of haircut in general.

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The movie has the main issue I have always had with supermarionation. The more “realistic” the marionettes the less I enjoyed the show.

Thunderbirds & Stingray, love those. Captain Scarlet less so, Joe 90… nope. But the good and bad as those shows went, it did lead us to UFO and Space 1999.

The thing that killed me is No RESOLUTION! (Sorry for the spoilers) I tried looking up online what eventually happened, but no dice. Guess it was not successful enough to finish.

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